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Monday, February 11, 2013

My Five Favorite Apps for Making Lists

Not everyone has a smart phone or a tablet to use, but I know a LOT of my readers do. I can see on my stats that a good chunk of you are coming to my blog from your phones and tablets. So, I KNOW many of you are interested in apps, right? I have five apps I want to share with you, that I use a lot, for making lists.

First of all, why make lists? Well, if you're like me, you'll forget half of what you need to do {or more}. Also, it's great to set goals for different areas of you life. I'm also a digital, paperless kind of girl. I know some of you love planners, but I just don't. I carry my smart phone EVERYWHERE with me and like to keep track of my thoughts, my ideas, my goals, and lists while not taking up room in my purse! So, here are the apps I use most to keep my lists organized and why I like each one.

1. Cozi

I think I love the Cozi app so much because I've used it for years for my calendar. But, they have great ways to make lists on there. I have one in there for my house cleaning and what I do each day of the week, my prayer lists, packing lists, and more. 

2. Evernote

I reluctantly started using Evernote. Everyone raved about it, but I just wasn't that into it. But, I like using Evernote the most for making my post ideas for blogging. I have several different lists and I like that I have it on my laptop, ipad, and iphone. Oftentimes I get an idea that pops into my head - as I'm going to bed or when I'm cooking or putting on my make up - and I have my Ipad next to me to quickly jot it down {at nightin the dark}! I love that!

organize lists

3. Notes

I use this one for very general things, spur of the moment spots, and sermon notes and lists from church. I have an Iphone so I'm not sure what other smart phones have that is compatible, but I'm guessing they have some kind of note taking app.

4. Siri with Reminders

If you have Siri, you probably use it for way more stuff than I do. My main objective is to use it to remind me of stuff to put on my reminders list. I forget EVERYTHING if I don't send myself a reminder. The best part is that if I'm walking in the morning or driving around town and I realize I can't forget something, I just grab my phone and push the button and talk to it and tell it what to remind me to do. That has been a VERY fun way to keep up on my "in the moment" to-do list!

organize list app

5. Ziplist

I use Ziplist for ALL my store shopping lists. Again, I keep my Iphone in my backpocket or near me constantly and so if I'm cooking and realize I'm out of something, I just go over and add it to my shopping list. The Ziplist even gives you grocery deals that match up with your grocery store and you can do a bunch with recipes, too, where it will list all the ingredients you need. It also has a website so wherever I am I can go on there and jot down what is needed. I never forget to bring my list to the store with me now, too!

What is an app that you've used for making lists? I love to hear about more! Have you tried any of these? If you have, which is your favorite?

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