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Friday, December 21, 2012

Our kids' bathroom makeover! Reglazing results!

The kids' bathroom is done!! Can I get an Amen? Well, here is what it looks like now!

Wow! Right? Do you remember where this bathroom started?

This is what their bathroom looked like just a couple of weeks ago! I did my very best to work with the vintage peach and rose tile scheme to the best of my ability! It worked great for six years like this. But, the floors were OLD and very dated.

The re-glazing plus the new floors make a HUGE difference, doesn't it? We had the same flooring put in this bathroom as in the kitchen. I love the flooring -- it's got such a nice texture and, as linoleum, very unexpected. It looks so nice in there.

I painted the vanity {yes it's missing a handle that I can't find anywhere} with the same color as my vintage vanity in my bedroom. I just love that Sherwin Williams color -- Summit Gray.

The reglazing technique is beautiful, but it's not without it's flaws and weaknesses. For instance, when installing the tub handles back on my Hubby accidentally dropped one and it chipped it! Uggh! It has a 5 year warranty against peeling and flaking, but that is NOT under the warranty and you can NOT get that wet or it will ruin the paint and get under there. So, we had to have them come out and fix the boo-boo! Since the kids aren't so careful with the counters I bought these porcelain trays from Ikea -- I believe they are candle holders!

They look great and have little rubber pads on the bottom to protect the counter tops from getting scratched. The kids can put their few important things in the tray on the counter and it also looks neat and clean! Mom is happy!

I went and bought a few things to make their bathroom a little more "beachy" as my daughter picked the blue color and wanted it to be ocean-y. The wall color is Sherwin Williams Blue Refrain. I love this subway writing as it's a bunch of Southern California beaches!

This one with the sea horses is there when you walk into their bathroom. It gives you the feeling of the beach right away!

The tub and tile surround now have a beautiful ombre gray curtain I got from Target!

Maybe you noticed this little storage tower. Since the edges around the kids' bath/shower are so small, their shampoo bottles won't fit very well without making a big mess. And, when you re-glaze you can't use suction storage devices to hold things onto the tile {not that they ever worked well for me, anyway} so I put this here so the kids can get their shower stuff out and then put away when they're done. So far they are doing a good job. 

You may or may not have noticed that I painted the ceiling in the bathroom, blue. In a small space, especially a bathroom, it's actually more visually pleasing to have the ceiling painted like this. It makes the whole space all cohesive. And, it's easier not having to cut in right at the ceiling and worry about that step in painting the room. I wouldn't do it in a bedroom or other room, but I've done it in the bathrooms and it makes it seems bigger and taller when I do that. 

Is reglazing for you? Here are some things you need to consider when having your tile reglazed.

  • It takes a full seven days to cure -- you can use it after 2 days, but it's best to wait a whole week if possible {I scheduled mine to be reglazed right before we went away on vacation}
  • You can't use any abrasive cleansers on the finish or it will damage it. No cleaner with bleach -- this isn't a problem for me. I use all natural or homemade cleaners and a soft cloth to clean. 
  • You can't use the counter to slice, like a cutting board. You can't drop sharp or heavy objects on the finish, which could scratch or crack the finish.
  • You can't use chemicals to clean out the drain or any grout cleaners. Hair dye, perfume, and cosmetics could discolor the finish.
  • It's recommended not to use suction cup organizers on the finish or put anything resting heavily {like an expandable curtain rod}.

The company I used has a five year guarantee on their finish that it won't crack or peel. But, if you mess it up doing something like above, it's not under that warranty! So, this solution is great for some, but not ideal for others. We are being careful with it, but trying not to "baby" it too much! Ok, so what do you think?

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