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Monday, December 3, 2012

Am I vain? A re-do of my new vanity!

My home was built in the 1940s, and because of this, I believe I have a soft spot for all things vintage! I also love having a vanity. My former vanity has done well for years. But, it's small and I wanted something more, after seeing one in an antique shop a couple of months ago. But, I just wasn't willing to pay the price that they wanted for theirs.

I hunted around for vanities, I pinned vanities, I looked on Craig's list, I looked on websites but I didn't want to pay a hefty price for a nice, well-made one. I also didn't want to pay a small amount for a cheap one. 

I started watching Craig's list and found this beauty! This is the picture from CL. I didn't get a full shot of it all together because I had to take the whole thing apart to transport it to my house and out of my van...then in my garage to start painting. By the time I jumped back on Craig's List for a picture of it, it was gone! Thankfully I had pinned it and had to take this from my pin! Ha! Crazy. 

I made a great deal on this and the guy knocked $100 off the price with some negotiating. It's not in perfect condition and would need some minor work. The mirror is in great condition.

I didn't do any sanding, just wiped down the whole thing with Liquid Sandpaper {a bottle of it has lasted me years}. Then, I primed the whole thing and painted it with two coats of Sherwin Williams Summit Gray paint. 

I spray painted the handles black with leftover spray paint I had. These are the original handles that it came with. They were sort of rusty looking before. I didn't sand these either. But, I primed them first. They look so good in black contrasting the gray vanity.

I love the beautiful details of this vintage vanity, too. The glass top that came with it is a great bonus. To buy this glass customized for the vanity would have been about $75-100. It keeps the top of the vanity easy to maintain for putting make up on. 

Here is nice before and after! Isn't that mirror something? It's just so pretty!

To better pretty up the vanity, I purchased this pretty silver tray and two glass vase containers at the thrift store for next to nothing! The little wind-up vintage clock belonged to my husband's grandpa. I love having it on here to keep me on time!

It's simply beautiful and I am enjoying it so much! Do you use a vanity? Do you have any special ways to organize your vanity?

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