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Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogversary Week: Giveaway a Day - Crumbs Away

Are you ready to celebrate organizing together for TWO years??? Yes, it was two years ago this week that I decided to "take the plunge" and start a blog about my favorite pass-time! So, as a celebration, I have giveaways ALL this week - every single day - and YOU can jump up and down for joy as you have a chance to win an organizing product!!!  Yippee!!

The very first product that I will be giving away is something I had never heard of before. It's called "Crumbs Away". Laura contacted me a couple of months ago to tell me about her product that she and her husband INVENTED! She sent me the product so I could try it out and see what I thought of it.

Well, I must be honest, I wasn't sure how big a deal it was that this utensil drawer organizer could be. Afterall, we probably all have one, right?

But, I was wrong. I took it out and started looking at it and realized that it was totally different than anything I've used before. It's strong and sturdy. There is a tray underneath that you just simply undo and you can wipe out all the crumbs without moving all your utensils out. It's super nice. Let me show you....

See, this is sad. I hadn't even noticed how bad my silverware drawer had gotten until I used this tray. You're doesn't look so bad. Well, look more closely!

Ummm, yep, ewww!  It's pretty nasty. I have a wood silverware tray that came with my silverware - which seemed really nice when I got it. But, it's gross and all that wood comes off with use. And the plastic one next to it is full of crumbs, too! It's such a pain to take out all the utensils and clean it - so this is why I love the Crumbs Away organizer! 

Look how nicely my silverware looks! Yes, so nice. And, I can honestly say that after using it for the last two months, the silverware is no longer in that yuck mess and is easy to pull off the top tray and clean out the crumbs that get in there - by the way, how DO they get in there?

And the whole drawer is beautifully organized now! I love it!! You need to go over to the Crumbs Away website and see all the different ways you can use it - NOT just for silverware, but for tools, bathroom, spices, baking, make up, kids crafts, and more!! It's fabulous...and now YOU can win one for yourself, too! Or, you can order one from their website {or two or three...}!! 

This giveaway ends on Saturday, May 26th, at midnight!


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