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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blogversary Week: Giveaway a Day - 31 Tote Organizer

We have another wonderful sponsor from Thirty-One products - the ultimate in organizing bags! They have some great bags! 

Rhnea is our first consultant this week to represent them. She is going to give ONE very special reader an all-in-one organizer. 

It's pretty neat, I must say! I took it with me on our trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago. I packed it in my suitcase and it was so nice that it folded so neatly and flat.

I had a special "spa day" during one of our days there, so I was able to fill up this bag with a few of my goodies before I went. It was the perfect size for that.

This cute bag can be yours, too! Just enter the giveaway below so you can win this fabulous bag {clothing not included!}. And, 31 has a special going right now for the month of May, so if you decide to purchase something, do it this week:

Here is Rhnea's 31 website
--you can contact her through her website

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm sorry if some of you are having trouble entering the giveaway. It's working, but for some it won't. I have tried it numerous times this morning and it worked great for me. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Try a different browser. If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer you may need to try that.

2. Make sure you are on the actual post and not just the general home page. HERE is the post page:

3. Try refreshing the page.

4. If all else fails, click on the orange button under "connect with me" on the right side. That is the RSS Feed and at the bottom of that the rafflecopter shows up for most.

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