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Friday, November 4, 2011

This old house...curb appeal edition!

This old house...yes, old house! I realize our house isn't 100 years old, but it was built in the 40s and its age is beginning to show.  We have the privilege of now needing a new roof...which this causes us to have to replace all the gutters....which means we need to repaint the house as the paint is falling off the house....which means we should probably replace all the windows.

Well, it's the domino effect...and it's vicious and expensive! I am not sure I'm ready for it, but we are going to have to do a bunch of stuff to the house. So, guess what? That means you get to tag along and see it all occur! Yay, you!

Remember last June we had the house drilled full of holes to insulate the walls? It definitely made a difference in how the house handled the hot weather...only now you really notice how the windows let in all kinds of hot air! Uggh....why can't a home improvement just improve and that's it?

Well, here's my new "dilemma" as you can see, the paint is just a mess around the house. 

It's peeling and falling off the house. I've never picked out the color of a house we've lived in. It's always been "picked" for me. Currently it's PUKEY white!! So, I'm pretty excited at the possibility of being able to pick out paint colors.  And by paint colors, I mean colorS. I am going crazy. I want FOUR or FIVE {maybe one more} paint colors.  

Here is sample #1:


I would paint the stucco the dark blue with grayish-blue contrast. Perhaps paint the door yellow and other surrounding colors with grays or browns. 

And here is sample #2:


I would paint the main house color as middle gray, with green front door, and accent colors dark gray/black and off white. 

Sample #3:


I would paint the main house color as brown {4th down}, with yellow front door {maybe turquoise}, and accent with green and turquoise or dark blue on bottom.

I'm sort of really wanting a yellow front door, like this:


So, I'm deciding on paint colors - I am going to put some white and black {on our wrought iron gate and small accents - so there is two colors} in there to balance out all the dark, too - since the new windows will be white with white molding.  Which one do you like best? I'd love to hear your opinion. I've got a whole Pinterest Board called "House Paint" you can go over and look at and see if there are other colors you think are better! Help me....this is a big decision! 

Do you have any houses you've pinned with beautiful colors? Please, let me know and I'd love to pin them back!!

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