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Friday, July 22, 2011

Reminiscing...projects I've done!

So, I was looking back at some of the projects I've done this last year. I thought I'd share a few with you, remind you of what has gone on. Here is one I did in May 2010 updating a pretty ugly place - looking out my window in the basement.  It is MUCH better since doing this last year:

How is it holding up? Not bad.  Some of the paint is chipping and the plant has grown a lot.  It's been quite a task to keep the spiders from taking over, though!

Or how about the cute skirt for the laundry sink I designed and my sweet Mom sewed?

Or how about tearing down our kitchen wall in July of 2010?

Oh, and my vintage oven?

That was quite a mess to clean and move in!

Then by September we were nearly finished and I painted our old buffet and turned it into a beautiful, additional counter-top area.

I planned a huge FREE Ladies' Clothing Boutique at my house in September...and I've got some ideas for this year, too!

So, hang on...there are more projects and organizing events coming, once this fun summer is over!! I will never run out of projects - and I never tire of organizing!