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Monday, January 3, 2011

Writing thank you notes...

I think there is a lost form of being grateful in our generation of kids {AND adults}...it's writing Thank You notes.

So, I want to get you motivated, after this Christmas holiday, to begin your list of writing thank you cards to everyone who touched you or gave you something for Christmas.  I know sometimes when mailing gifts to family that I find it sad when they never even respond to me - and I don't even know if they've received the gift we got for them at all - by writing a simple thank you card/email to us.  My SIL* has four boys and they are really good about sending us emails or texts or cards thanking us for birthday and Christmas gifts. 

I grew up with a Mom who made us write them and am doing my best to pass that along to my children.  This is the perfect time, before school gets back in gear, to have them sit down and make a list of all the gifts they got for Christmas and from whom they received them.  

For little ones...this may mean that Mommy types out or writes the note and then have them scribble their name, draw a picture of what they got.

For those beginning to learn to write, it will take a lot of time.  But, what I do is type up exactly what they write {making it VERY simple} and then have them copy in their own writing and sign their names - maybe draw a picture of what they got.  

For older kids, just have them make a list of who they got what from and write their own notes without any help.  It doesn't matter if it's perfect.  

Have them help you put the stamp on the envelope to mail to the appropriate person and then put it in the mailbox.  

For even older kids, I would say that I am happy to even receive an email or text message from them.  It's more about them acknowledging their gift and showing their appreciation - not because I expect it, but because it's just the right thing to do and teaches them to be grateful for what they receive.

As adults, it's also easy for us to forget to write these.  If you are having your kids write to the same people, put your own note in with theirs and send the whole bundle of thank you cards together!  I am sure it's a joy for grandparents to receive that acknowledgment of you/your children appreciating what they've been given!

So...hop to it! 

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