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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day Gift....

Toolbox Organizer | organizingmadefun.com

My husband is the BEST, really!  He just up and decided that he wanted to put in another electrical box outside our family room area on the deck.  

I noticed that he grabbed this very cool organizer that he bought himself to use to organize all his wing nuts - those are electrical twisty things for on the wires.  Anywho....I was indeed impressed with the fact that he was so ORGANIZED!  

So, may I suggest to you that for a great Father's Day gift for either your Father or your hubby, try getting him something that can organize his tools or his fishing gear or bike gear or whatever thing he's into?  Habor Freight Tools - toolbox organizer is a great place to look and it's portable too! Also you can find great things on Amazon.

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  1. Is Father's Day coming already? I'd better get something soon..thanks for the idea!


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