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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's for dinner?

 What's for dinner?  It's a funny thing that we ask ourselves (or get asked) pretty much everyday.  I had the privilege of growing up with a Mom who (to this day) would sit down weekly and plan a menu for dinner for the next week. Menu Planning | organizingmadefun.com

I thought this is what everyone did.  In fact, when I first got married friends would come over and gasp at my menu, I just didn't get it because I thought everyone did that.  How do you grocery shop if you have no idea what you are eating?  

Menu Planning | organizingmadefun.com
Do you sit down and come up with a weekly menu (for me it's two weeks at a time, cause that's when payday comes) and then go grocery shopping?  Share what you do for grocery shopping and dinner...then, check Chicken Wings and Apron Springs blog for inspiration.  This Mom can seriously plan and come up with some great meals with very little money! My particular favorite part is seeing all she buys for just $70 a week! Here she shows you exactly what she got.  And my favorite fun idea are the pizza burgers. Although, she's got some seriously great food that I'm still planning to try!  Another amazing website is 5 Dinners In 1 Hour. She has fantastic ideas for filling your fridge. Check it out!

Tell, me - do you plan a menu or how do you know what's for dinner?  I'd love to hear your comments...

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  1. This is excellent! Love it!

  2. I make weekly meal plans, as well. I go to the grocery store every week. I, too, don't know how one goes to the grocery store without a list and a plan.


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