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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 Simple Things I Do Daily to {Fake} an Immaculate House

I feel like I've been opening my eyes to extra clutter lately! It's amazing, really. I'm going to write a post about it as soon as I finish all the summertime decluttering, but today I wanted to address 5 simple ways that I do on a daily basis that help me to have my {fake} immaculate house. Believe me, I'm no perfectionist and I really don't need things lined up in order just so. There is hope for you, whether you ARE a perfectionist or not, that you can keep your home looking amazing without having to slave over your home everyday to do it.

5 Simple Things I Do Daily to {Fake} an Immaculate House :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

1. I do the least amount of cleaning possible. 

It's true. I hate cleaning. So, I encourage everyone to try and do what they can - especially young moms - and that might mean just 15-20 minutes a day of cleaning. And, trust me, it works. If you have a gigantic mansion -- sorry, you can't clean in in 15-20 minutes a day but for the rest of us who live in a smaller home, it works fabulously! You really have to do SOME cleaning everyday, but I try not to let it consume me!

2.  I don't do it alone.

That's right...I'm an advocate of using your children in every possible way to do cleaning and housework of any sort. My kids don't know what life is like without having some sort of chore daily! As they get older, it gets easier. But, here are a list of chores my kids have always done and handle well.

3. I put things back.

Listen, if there is one pet peeve of mine, it's just that you simply need to put things away, clean as you go, or finish what you start. I know, I know. You are "ADD" right? Well, I am too -- I'm the worst! So, no excuses. Put things away where they belong. If they don't have a place, toss it or find a place! And, teach everyone else to do the same - be patient, it takes time!

4. I'm not afraid to get rid of it.

Sometimes I look at stuff in my cupboard and realize I haven't used that thing in at least a year. Why am I keeping it? Then I go crazy around the house and tossing things. Not kidding. Don't be afraid of getting rid of stuff. Worst case scenario is that you need it and borrow it from a friend or buy it used later on. But, I can't tell you how great it feels to get rid of stuff. I'm currently calling mine "#OMFgreatsummercleanout2015" on Instagram. Seriously, can't believe how much junk I have around here! I'll share more later.

5. I'm not perfect. 

Remember, your home doesn't need to look perfect, because no one is perfect. Let some things go. Focus on the important stuff. If you can't do the super hard-core in-depth cleaning every week - welcome to my world - it's OK! I remember that it's okay to have a house that we live in. It's not sterile. It's lived in. I can have people over, but I never apologize for it's condition whether it's messy or clean. It's rarely messy, but there have been moments! 

I've worked hard to instill hard work into my kids, cleaning up after themselves, and decluttering. It's taken time, but now that they're older things are easier to keep up with when I have them to help. I want our home to be comfortable and calm. Clutter and messes make me feel chaos and unwelcome, so that's what I try to remember. How about you? Is this something you've been working at? Or have you given up?

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