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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Home Office - the Fabulous Reveal

This home office is done! It is amazing! I absolutely love it and I know you will too! Let me start with how my office looked before -- which, by the way, was pretty nice before in my opinion. I just needed more function for it. Last week I showed you a few of the pieces and things happening to get it into shape!

My after, before - click to see the "new" after ::

And now...

Fabulous Home Office that's light and bright with open shelving ::

I am totally in love with it! I had a vision and it turned out exactly how I envisioned it! Sometimes trying to get others to understand your vision is hard, though!

Home office goes from good - to FABULOUS ::

Here's a side by side of my home office. It went from good - to FANTASTIC!!  Amazingly, ALL the pieces that left the desk area were recycled in some way or another. Nothing got wasted! 

Home office statement wall of wallpaper in turquoise ::

Since this is the place I spend most of my day, I wanted a bright statement on my walls. I chose wallpaper, but I hate wallpaper. I have taken down too much wallpaper already in this house so I had to find something that wasn't a big pain in the neck! I found it! I bought it on Etsy and it was also customizable - meaning I could choose the exact color I wanted. And the best thing? It's removable - it's repositionable, self-adhesive wallpaper! YES! The best of both worlds!!

Pops of yellow add to the home office open shelving ::

I wanted open shelving? Why in the world would I want that? Well, having the desk hutch before made me feel closed off and I've never really liked it. The open shelving really brightens up my desk area and makes it feel bigger. 

How would I cover up all the ugly things in a home office? Where is my printer and shredder? How do you fit everything without looking messy?

Light, bright and cheery home office with open shelving ::

I'll tell you, the printer is hidden inside the desk on the left. I love having the full counter all the way across because it gives more space and room for me to spread out now. All the baskets and pretty storage containers help to hold all my papers, supplies, and electronic things and look beautiful at the same time. Even my husband, the one who wondered why I needed to change my office at all, realized how much better it looked with the open shelving -- which, of course, was tricky for him to put in!

The faux succulent adds a bit of texture along with the basket filled with printer paper ::

I was able to reuse the lamp and added this weaved basket from Home Goods to hold my paper. 

Fun and cheery home office::

The mirror I had in here before. I bought it years ago at Target on clearance as some of the paint had chipped off. Well, it didn't matter to me since I just spray painted it anyway! It adds such a great pop of yellow along with that little, yellow owl I spray painted. 

Vintage chair in this amazing home office ::

And, how about this chair? Right? Can you believe I got this FREE from our church freecycle group? It's a "vintage" 1970s chair Flewelling. I spray painted the frame in a metallic silver, as the frame was rusty and spotty in places. I kept he original yellow, vinyl upholstery and just used a magic eraser to clean it since it was in good condition. I put felt pads on the bottom of the feet so it slides in and out from under my desk without scratching the wood floors. 

I love it! It's such a fun place to work and helps me feel creative! What do you think? Could you ever put such a crazy wallpaper on your wall? Or how about open shelving? 

Here are all the sources for my office: 

Ikea Desk pieces: 

Ikea Shelf:

Aläng Lamp - Ikea
Chair - vintage, free from friend
Fan - Target
Weave baskets - Home Goods
Plants - Ikea and Home Goods
Yellow mirror - Target {on clearance in white}
Binders - Target
Wallpaper - Etsy
Spray Paint - Rustoleum

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  1. It looks wonderful - so much bigger and open! Great job!


  2. This looks really great! I did love it before, but this is even better.

  3. I am surprised that it looks almost double the size. It's given me lots to think about for my own home office. Thanks! MC

    1. Michelle - I know - it's crazy, right? It totally feels so much bigger. This room is so tiny, too! Becky

  4. It's gorgeous. Can I ask...what do you put in the Alex drawers? Just to know what they'd work best for.

    1. I'm going to show you the inside of everything {well, most of it} next week! Becky

  5. Better than best! Love the removable wallpaper :) That chair is awesome. Good for you for delivering on the vision you had in your head. If you spend a ton of time in there, you might as well be happy with it, right?

  6. That really does look so much bigger! I love the yellow owl.

  7. I love how you kept some of the yellow decor, it really makes the room pop with the blue/yellow contrast. I love it when things come together like we had hoped!

  8. Wow. Loving your office makeover :) Its bright and cheerful :)

  9. Love it! I will admit, I am loving that chair! I just bought one for five bucks at a local Restore! It needs some work, but after seeing yours, I know there is hope. lol

    Your office looks very organized and has a happy vibe to it. Enjoy your new space and well done. :)

  10. Love, love, love it!!! You did an awesome job!! I want to come work in your office :)

  11. Your new office looks great! I cannot wait to start designing my own :)

  12. Where did you get the desk from?