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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gray and Orange Master Bedroom Makeover

If you knew me personally, you'd know I like to change things up when it comes to decorating my home. After four or five years, I'm ready to change it up! It may not be drastic, but it must look different and feel different! That's how I felt about our master bedroom recently. It was decorated so lovely - in blue and brown. Very much something that five years ago was pretty hip and nice. taste and decorating style is constantly changing and I'm learning to find my true style. I think our bedroom truly reflects my style now -- and my colorful side. So, I left our blue walls and decided to add gray and orange to the bedroom to mix it up. 

Gorgeous gray and orange master bedroom ::

It first started off as wanting a punch of something on the bed wall. Then, it was the bedding, the pillows, and the bed itself. I get ideas and then I start to go for it...thankfully I had saved a little money up for a project and I was able to get much of it for good prices. 

Before: Blue and brown master bedroom ::

Here is what our bedroom looked like before. Blues and browns. Pretty. Very sweet. But, have you seen my house outside? Yes, I love a punch of color! The blue in this bedroom is soothing and I really like it. I had it color matched with the curtains, so there isn't even a name for the color - sorry! I painted it pre-blogging, it's been nearly five years and that's a long time for me to stay the same! 

Pops of orange on the nightstand of this master bedroom along with the fun necklace organizer ::

Now, there is this wonderful PUNCH of orange! Same wall color but it looks completely different.

This isn't wallpaper or a stencil -- it's a decal! It's very easy to hang and very forgiving!

What's that? You noticed I did something else? Yes, this wall treatment. Believe it or not, it's a decal! Yes, I said decal! Where did I get it and was it cheap? Well, no, it wasn't cheap - probably less than wallpaper but much more than a stencil. But, WAY easier than either of those to put on the wall - that's why I chose it. I got it HERE on Etsy. I got this decal in gray. I wanted it to look subtle yet still catch your eyes. I could have done white, but I'm glad I didn't! I've done a few decals before - HERE and HERE - and this was different but not hard. I was super tired after doing the whole wall but it was totally manageable by myself as it comes in sections. I now want to do another wall decal in another prepared!

Beautiful feature wall that looks like wallpaper or a stencil, but it's a decal so it's easy to remove and easy to put up ::

I wanted the LOOK of wall paper but I didn't want to wall paper. So, why didn't I stencil? Well, let's just say that I KNOW if I did a stencil that it wouldn't turn out well - did you ever see how I messed up my laundry room stencil?

Before and after of a master bedroom makeover from blue and brown to gray and orange ::

The bed -- I love the new bed. My old headboard was so functional. But, I was ready for a change and it was actually making our bedroom smaller because the top of it was almost 12 inches deep. I gained back that space where you walk in the bedroom. I got this new headboard/upholstered bed on HERE

Pops of orange and background of gray ::

I did touches of the orange all over the room. Here you can see I make a simple bed with two toss pillow in orange and in the background is my necklace organizer that I made over the summer. It still looks great in the master bedroom.

Small master bedroom layout with closet doors removed to help keep it more open ::

If you don't know the lay out of our small master bedroom, this is it. 

Small master bedroom with a vintage vanity in the corner ::

And the other direction.

Vintage vanity done in gray ::

My vanity is something I love to use daily. Our home was built in the 40s and this vanity matches it so perfectly with my mix of other vintage and modern. That's it for the master bedroom tour. My master closet tour might be next...well, maybe! What do you think of gray and orange together? Would you ever be bold enough to do that in your bedroom?

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