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Friday, July 13, 2012

Our new amazing patio cover...

I can't wait to show you that all our construction is finally coming to an end...and our patio cover is AMAZING! Here it is:

deck outdoor kitchen fireplace

It's the most unique patio cover I've ever seen - our contractor designed it. I have told you in the past about how my hubby built our deck AND he built the outdoor kitchen and fireplace area - and it took him three years!! I've also let you know that we have been using pop-up tents on our deck ever since because we just didn't have a good option yet for a cover. But, we decided to take the plunge while doing our roof project, house painting, new windows, and put in the patio cover! 

It's unique in that it's not wood. It's made with all steel beams. Why steel instead of wood? Well, if we had used wood, there would have to be several support beams in the middle of the deck - taking away from it's expansiveness.  Really it would take away from how big it was and we'd have to move furniture around the beams - it would just not work well. So, the steel beams are strong and can span that large of an area. We estimate the deck to be about 700-800 square feet. It's bigger than my kitchen! 

The other thing you probably notice are the fabric panels and curtains. 

You can move all the panels back and forth, open and closed - depending on weather or time of year. They are made from Sunbrella fabric which is guaranteed to last ten years. 

I got some help from my friend,Lisa, who helped me to restyle my deck and outdoor fireplace. Everything looks beautiful!

Here is the fireplace during the day....

And at night, it's really magical out there! It's a wonderful place to be most nights of the year. Who needs to watch TV when you can sit in front of the fire?

The curtains are so practical, but look stylish too. The afternoon sun is awful on this deck, making it unbearable since it's a west facing deck. But, the curtains close to keep the heat out in the afternoon. Here you can see the back of the outdoor kitchen and fireplace. We love this deck and use it  11 months out of the year here - it's really like our dining room. Do you have a deck or outdoor space you use a lot too?

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