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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kids' room to guest room in 30 minutes {or less}

Like many of you, I don't have a separate guest room designated for our guests, so when we have company come into town they sleep in our daughter's {pink} room. This means I need to make a "few" changes in order to get it ready for that use!

Kids room to guest room in 30 minutes {or less} ::

So, here is how I take a kids' room and turn it into a guest room in 30 minutes! Yes, the good news is that you can do this, and fast!

Declutter the room ::

1. De-clutter the bed and room. Get all the stuffed animals and toys out or hidden away! Whether it's boxed up in the garage, into an extra drawer, or contained under the bed, be sure to get those kids toys out of site.

Set the nightstand or night table ::

2. Set the nightstand. You should have some sort of side table or nightstand. Clear off any "kid clutter" and keep it simple. Set up necessities, tissue, maybe a bottle of water and a simple clock. In my daughter's nightstand, we actually cleared out both drawers {since my daughter has no dresser} so that our guest could use it to keep personal or folded items. Grab some flowers from the grocery store or your yard and put them in a mason jar and set on a tray. It's beautiful and welcoming on the nightstand.

Create hanging space for guests clothing ::

3.   Create hanging space. Push as much to the side as you can {again, you may need to move out some clothes anyway to another room for your kid to wear during visitors' stay}. Give your guest several hangers - I used regular hangers and some skirt hangers.

A place to write  - Set up the desk for your guest to write things down ::

4. Have a place to write.  If your child has a desk, set it up for your guest to have a place to write with some paper, pen, and maybe some magazines to read for down time.

Have amenities for your guest ::

5. Place some guest amenities. Imagine what you like when you go to a nice hotel, what things do they have for you? I include shaving cream, a small deodorant, toothpaste, cups, soap, wash cloths, and a hair dryer. The next time you come home from a hotel, save your extra amenities and use them in a guest basket that you keep in your linen closet and pull out when they come, and it will be ready to go.

Somewhere for their luggage to set ::

6. Somewhere for their luggage to set. I have a luggage rack that I purchased at a thrift store for $5 years ago {and use it at the end of my bed in our small master usually}. If you don't have a luggage rack, find a bench or something for their luggage to set on so they can get into it what they need, should they like to keep all their things in their suitcase.

Spare bed for the child ::

7. A spare bed for your child. If you have the ability, get an extra bed, a trundle in the other room, a mattress pad for the floor, or I have this great Ikea bed/chair we bought on Craig's list for $35. It sits in our son's room and he uses it as a chair, but it's great to pull open for him to sleep on when we have company and his sister shares his room with him.

So, there you have it! I did this in 30 minutes! I work fast and I move quick, but can have a guest room set up quickly and without a big hassle by having some of this already set. How about you have a guest room or must you use a kid room too?

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