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Monday, July 23, 2012

The most beautiful potting shed EVER!

Are you ready for a huge before and after? Ta-da! Here is the entrance to my potting shed -- it is so beautiful! I showed you last time what colors I decided on and here they are:

It's gorgeous! I can't believe how amazing some old cupboards can look with paint. I took the colors I found with the Chip It! button and picked out the paint colors and they are beautiful! 

Look at the before and after of this potting bench! I got two new bathroom cupboards from Restore. My hubby raised them up and screwed them together. I found a door for the countertop at the same store, cut it down and stained it. It's the perfect surface for potting plants. The pendant light -- snagged for $6 -- was spraypainted to match the Real Red color that inspired me in my reveal. I got brand new pegboard -- we ripped out the old because it was gross and the holes were much smaller. Painting the large "B" (for our last name) made it much more interesting and we used some of the Reflecting Pool color on that, too. Then we organized my tools within the "B."

Here is my super-organized tool wall. We put up 1 x 10 x 8 boards (
20 of them) horizontally all over the walls. I painted them Extra White. Having the walls paneled this way makes them strong and able to support heavy tools.

You'll notice quite a dramatic before and after for this wall. We went through all the tools and got rid of some (though fewer than I'd wanted to). With the wall set up this way it's easier to hang tools in all directions.

The last wall is the shelf wall. Even my accessories here match the color scheme -- with the red cushions and turquoise organizing bins (like the Real Red and Reflection Pool). 

You can see that the old shelves were taken down. They were useless. Having the new, open shelving allowed for the large organizing containers. After a lot of cleaning and giving away, I was able to reduce the number of bins I needed. You can see I have ample space left to add more things. 

So here is how I applied the colors -- see above. I got all the colors I wanted together. It looks amazing! It's like a jewel attached to our garage and makes me want to jump in there and start potting some plants!

What do you think? Do you love it?
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