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Friday, January 13, 2012

Be a Blessing: Blessings Bags

My daughter has such a merciful heart. She is such a great reminder to me to be kind to those in need, and it breaks her heart. We often see homeless people around, looking for money {of course}. I'm usually alone with the kids in the car when I see them. So, inviting them over to work for money/food isn't really a good idea. Also, it's probably not a good idea to hand them money, so I liked this idea!

I found this idea on Pinterest {but original source is THIS} is making Blessings Bags. This is truly the answer to how we can be a blessing to the homeless without contributing to their possible problem. 

We went to our dollar store to look for the toiletries products. My friend's husband is a Gideon and she is in my Bible Study. I asked her about getting some small New Testament Bibles for our bags and she gladly gave me ten! Yay!

The ideas for the toiletries I got based on the other bags I'd seen on Pinterest and what I could find at the dollar store. They could have these toiletries to feel clean and healthy.

The food is what I had in my pantry that I knew could hold up over time and in a cold/hot van.

The most important part of the "Blessings Bags" are the Bibles and the "Million Dollar Bill" tract. It's not meant to fake them out, but to make them read it and {Lord willing} respond.

I got these "Million Dollar Bill" tracts from Here.  

I found the small covered cardboard box at the dollar store to store everything in. We keep it in the van with three of the five "Blessings Bags" that we made. When we get low, I have two more stored in the basement.

A few things I would advise if you decide to make these. Try and find trial sizes of things when they on sale or specials. If you pay $1 per item, that's gets to be a lot of money. Use food you have on hand {that can tolerate sitting in a car}, if possible. Have an idea of what you want in your bag, but be prepared to change a little if the store doesn't carry everything. If you have the resources, putting a $5 gift card to Starbucks or McDonald's is another great help {no cash}. Be would you want to be treated? Be a blessing!

Where to buy:

Million Dollar Tracts
Collaspible Box for Car
Ziploc Bags
Gift Cards
Gideon Bibles

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