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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tiny house, BIG space!

How is it that I have so many friends with tiny houses? You remember my friend, Ann and her tiny {580 sq.ft.} house? And my other friend, Marti, who downsized to a small 2 bedroom apartment? Well, it's really great to see how they live with less stuff and organize the stuff they have! I asked my friend, Nicole, if I could come over and take pictures of her amazing little house...she lives just five miles from me, but on a large {for L.A. living} horse property of 1 1/2 acres. She's a true California cowgirl! 


Her girls greeted me when I came over...she has three girls and her hubby is a fireman. So, all five of them live in their 750 square foot house. 

When they bought the property, it came with this tiny cottage and so they renovated it because it was in BAD shape!

They kept the same footprint of the house, but re-did the entire inside. They were smart in taking the ceiling all the way up to the roof line - insulating just under it. So, the house appears larger than it is.

Their living room is small but opens into the kitchen. It helps that they moved those ceilings high to give an illusion. With two small bedrooms - small - and 1 1/2 bathrooms, they need all the illusions they can to make things appear bigger.

My favorite place is the girls' bedroom - and that's mainly where I'll focus for a little bit. They have this amazing triple bunk bed. Each girl sleeps peacefully in her own "custom" made bed. 

The bottom bed is actually an Ikea bed with drawers. Each of the three girls has her own drawer, in the bottom of that bed, for essentials.

Each bed has it's own nook, instead of a nightstand. So, behind their pillows they have their little treasures. The girls have done a great job of keeping things pretty tidy, too.

The rest of their room has two {Ikea} chest of drawers and a desk. Plus, Nicole {a woman after my own heart!!!} has their chores/schedule for each of the girls on the back of their bedroom door. Sound familiar?

The rest of her tiny house is very well run. She homeschools her three girls and has a bookshelf in the master bedroom that holds all the books and school supplies.


Having a small house forces them to live with less. It is amazing how the things you NEED are less than what you want. Right?

Nicole is an amazing lady. She works hard and you can see that she has taught her three girls the same, it's evident in all the things they do. They have other "kids" - including two dogs, a cat, and other critters {and someday chickens} in that little house - and she has made it feel homey and easy going. Do you have a small living space? How have you made good use of the small space? Leave a comment so others can hear how you have done that, too!

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