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Monday, January 9, 2012

Organized Resolutions: Getting Organized! {and FREE Resolutions printable}

Totally, completely, utterly unorganized…

Is this you? Do you think you are totally and completely unorganized? I know there are many of you who read this blog who say you are. There is hope, really there is!

If you haven’t figured this out by now, I’m also a piano teacher as well as a blogger. My piano students will get discouraged {especially my perfectionistic ones} because they want to play something the first time and have it sound perfect! But, you know what? It’s just not possible. I am our church pianist and so many of my students hear me play the piano at church and want to be able to play that well.  So, I have to sort of give them the reality…this piano playing bit did not just happen overnight! I didn’t just wake up one day and suddenly I was a gifted pianist. Nope…it was MANY, MANY years of practicing the piano and playing and practicing.


Just like playing the piano takes practice, so does organizing. For many who think they never can become organized, I say it’s possible. It’s just going to take some longer than others. 


Yes, I love to organized, BUT I have practiced it for many years, also. My mother can attest to this. I don’t think that I was gifted with the gift of organizing, but once I went away to college I suddenly began caring about how my room looked and how things were organized. My mother spent years trying to work on this with me, so now it was actually showing the “fruits of her labor”. 


So, what can you do to get started? Simple, small steps. 

- Start with setting a timer for 15 minutes to clear out a drawer. Do this a couple of times each day to begin with.

- Work on small tasks: One shelf, one drawer, one basket.

- If you take something out, put it away. And teach your kids this, too.

- Write it on your calendar or have your digital calendar send you a text message reminder to organize for 15 minutes.

- Don't go to bed without putting things to bed. Make a sweep of clutter at the end of the day.

- Be flexible. If it's not working, try something else. Put it in a different way or place.

-  It doesn't have to be pretty, but when it is you'll be more likely to want to keep it up.

-  Even those of us who organize a lot have to tweek things and go back and re-organize, so don't be discouraged in thinking you can't keep it up.

- Below, you will find this fabulous printable from Simple Organized Living. It's all the things I've said before put into a printable form.


Remember, organizing isn't about being perfect. The goal isn't to make it perfect for everyone else. The goal is to make things easier for you and your family. 

Organizing doesn't have to be expensive. You don't have to buy fancy bins. You can do it cheaply - which I've also blogged a whole month about!

OH, and HERE is a FREE printable for you to enjoy! This will help you to write down your 2012 Resolutions and put on display somewhere that you won't forget!

Organizing CAN be fun. But, if you don't have the room for it, it's got to go! Like with like, throw out what you don't need. NEED...think about that word. Now, hop to it! Get something organized today!
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