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Monday, January 16, 2012

Organized Resolutions: Scheduling

Do you have a crazy, busy life? Me, too! 

resolve organize schedule

This Christmas I felt like I was going to go bananas! Every day was filled with activities and more things that needed to get done than I wanted to do. I had an opportunity to speak to a group of college students in their teacher education class on autism - which was so wonderful to do! Plus, I had all the many activities to drive my son to [who is now a middle schooler and his schedule has just exploded}. I had a blog explosion, lots and lots of email and facebook. I had piano lessons to teach to 15 students. I had FOUR Christmas parties at my house. I had regular Christmas activities....well, it was nuts. Absolutely nuts. How did I do it all?

Well, I can't lie to you, I was VERY anxious and had a lot confessing to do. But, I took it ONE day at a time {sometimes one HOUR at a time} and when I did, it was much easier for me. I sat down each night and figured out my schedule for the next day. If I hadn't done that, I would have been out of my mind. Scheduling is vitally important in my life. 

schedule tutorial

I want to motivate and teach you how to figure out how you can begin using a schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly - if you aren't already doing so. The first thing you must do is figure out all the things you do. Let me use this illustration.

too much scheduling
The vase is your life. The walnuts are all the BIG {necessary} priorities - I'll call it the "Must-do's" cause you MUST do these.The black beans are the necessary things but not absolute priorities - I'll call them the "Should-do's".The white rice represents all the little things you do throughout your day - the "Want-to-do's". You see, when you put the rice in first, then the black beans, and the walnuts last it's not surprising that you can't fit it all.

too much going on

Here's an example: The walnuts could represent Bible study time, prayer time, taking care of hubby, taking care of kids, taking care of yourself, work {or whatever you do mainly during the day} and your home. 

to do myself reading Bible

The black beans could represent organizing, cleaning the house, projects around the house, exercise, laundry, managing the household bills, etc.  {These are all examples, mind you}.

clean house organize plan exercise

The white rice represents all the things you WANT to do, but don't really need to do. You WANT to be on the PTA, help bring meals to friends in need, go shopping for fun, get your nails done, etc. These aren't priorities for you but they are things you want to do. 

hair nails shop lunch email

Do you see where this is going? If you fill in all the little things first, then the priorities, it's not going to work and your life is out of balance. But, if you put the big things on your schedule first, then fill in with the less necessary and then the little things - you can fit that into your schedule.

keep the balance

I am 100% an absolute advocate of scheduling. I think everyone should have a schedule - and their kids too. It's not that you know what's going to happen every minute of the day, but it's a way that you make the most of your time each day. Do you like wasting time? I don't. If you are unorganized, you are wasting time. If you keep things organized, you are using your time wisely.


Whatever type of schedule you decide to do, make sure it works for you and your family. I am a digital girl, so I do all my schedule stuff online and my family has access. But, we also have a main calendar on the kitchen wall with an opportunity to see what's coming and plan. That works for me and my hubby {and now the kids refer to it often}.

school year week days
I also schedule every minute of my day because I have to - it personally keeps me accountable. In order to fit in my: prayer/Bible reading time, exercise, taking care of my home/family, blogging, teaching piano lessons, making dinner, picking up kids, laundry keeping the house clean, doing projects....well, I had to sit down and figure out how it would best work for me.

weekly schedule detailed 

Everyone's schedule will be different. You work your children around your schedule - the little ones naptimes can be a time where you get stuff done or you rest. You decide. If yours are in school, make wise use of your time. I schedule a day of shopping for myself once a month. Sometimes I wind up running regular errands on top of that, but that's okay. 


Sit down each night and look over what you have going on for the next day. Maybe each day looks the same. If you have little ones, it will feel like that. So, maybe make Mondays your craft day with kids, Tuesdays playdate day, Wednesday running around get the picture.

Feel free to look at my schedules tab for more inspiration, my schedule I made for this fall, my cleaning schedule, or my summer schedule. Happy scheduling!

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