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Friday, December 30, 2011

House project update: Windows!!

If it's possible to get giddy over new windows, then I'm giddy! Absolutely giddy! 

Our house project started with a roof - however, we haven't actually done any of the roof yet! It's sort of a long story, but my hubby is in charge of that and this is the order things are going for now. Our house is larger than it seems from the street. We also have a LOT of windows - 31 windows to be exact! So, it's a big deal to have all new windows in our home. Even the window guys couldn't believe how many they had to put in - we did 5 windows last year so this was only 26 to do in a few days.

Some of the windows we replaced were not even windows in the sense that they went up or down. They were just "picture" windows - just a plate-glass windows in several places. And now we have full functioning windows so we can open them and let air in.

For the front windows we decided to do casement windows - so we could have a full view outside. You can see the middle two windows were just those picture windows in our living room windows.

The kitchen windows, Rachel's room, Adam's room, and the window in our music room are all the double hung windows and have the wonderful feature of flipping out to the inside to wash them without having to take off the screen or even go outside! Fantastic feature!


I have already had to clean them since we are getting the house painted and after the painter pressure washed the house the windows were full of drops. But, it was super easy to clean! I normally would just leave it and never even bother!

My very favorite window is in our kiddos' bathroom. I know it doesn't look like much {the lighting in the kids' bathroom is awful - and quite frankly, photographing windows is a big challenge!} but it has this great feature. It's got the obscure film on the window, as we live on a hill and the neighbors' would be able to see right into their bathroom. The contractor suggested using this window, which is an awning window.

It cranks out and so when the kids are taking a shower, they can crack it slightly and when they are done or need air it cranks out really far. Outside this window is a tiny walkway that no one ever uses much so it won't smack anyone. It's really a neat window.


I also love the front windows because of the fact that they crank wide open. And we're window-opening-people! We love having the windows open - although it does cause quite a bit of extra dust, err smog, in our house! 

Well, as you can see we are happy with our new windows. We are going to benefit from the quiet inside, plus the fact that we won't be feeling heat seep through our windows this summer. Hoping to save on our a/c costs!

The house curb appeal does continue to improve. Everything takes time and being that it's outside it doesn't bother me so much! More to come....

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