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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How {the kids and} I organize their bathroom cabinet

Last month, my daughter and I tackled getting the kids' bathroom cabinets organized.  So, we're going to share a few tips, tricks, and motivation for you to get yours done also!
 Left side of the kids bathroom cabinet.

The kids' bathroom has a nice-sized counter and cabinets underneath. So, Rachel and I assessed all the stuff under there.  She's seven, and even at her age she realized there was plenty under there she could part with.

We pulled out all the clutter and set it on the floor and began going through it. Some needed to go elsewhere and other stuff she really never used. So, we made decisions on all of that.

We wiped down all the cabinets inside then put clean, fresh contact paper on all the shelves and inside the drawers.

I bought some cheap containers at the 99 Cents Store and we got to organizing.

I always say to have your kids help with organizing because it teaches them as you go. It helps them to see what is important and what is not. It sets an example to show them that it's easy and how to do it.

They get to put the labels on, too. 

When all was done, here is how the cabinet looks now! Lots of room. But, as I have said before, just because you have lots of room doesn't mean you need to fill every square inch of it. If necessary, we have the room to move over some things if I buy toilet paper in bulk and need to store it. 

The other cabinet is lovely as well, with new contact paper!

Under the sink and the kids drawers were straightened and re-configured. 

Here is our oatmeal container turned headband holder on the bathroom counter.  It's full of Rachel's hair things inside, too. 

Under the sink {which is missing some drywall}, I store their bath toys and also a basket with all-purpose {non-toxic} spray cleaner and some rags. This way the kids can do their chore of wiping down the counters more easily.

And that's it! Nothing scientific or crazy, but just getting the kids to learn how to organize and clean up after themselves!

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