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Friday, October 28, 2016

How to Organize Kitchen Cupboards

If you want to get some more great ideas with organizing your kitchen, I've got them! Last week I shared my new kitchen and how I organized all the drawers in there! Today I'm sharing the rest of the cupboards in the kitchen! There's so many great ideas I'm going to give you about organizing them, so be sure to share this and pin all your favorites!

How to Organize Kitchen Cupboards ::

Cupboards are definitely different to organize than a drawer - they are usually wide open expanses, sometimes have shelves, and have to be used in a different way, right? I have many new cupboards that I had to be creative to fit everything into my new kitchen -- honestly, the kitchen still isn't huge, but I've maximized every little bit of space to be able to fit a lot in a small space!

Coffee/Wine Bar bottoms cupboard organized ::

I'm going to start at the coffee/wine bar, like I did last week. It's the least exciting inside of this cupboard than pretty much all of them. But, I'm letting you see everything for ideas. My husband received some Tiffany wine goblets and I used those empty Tiffany boxes inside this cupboard, along with some inexpensive dollar store containers to hold all his coffee supplies next to my fancy silverware box. On the top shelf I have {on the right} IKEA storage boxes {I don't think they sell these anymore} to hold all our excess K-cups. 

Coffee/Wine Bar top coffee cupboard organized ::

The cupboards above hold coffee mugs of all sorts and even paper coffee cups for friends taking coffee on the go.

Coffee/Wine Bar top wine cupboard organized ::

The middle cabinet is for the fancy stuff. I put all my husband's nice wine goblets, martini glasses {which I don't think we've ever used}, and decanters out to look like a collection. 

Coffee/Wine Bar top wine cupboard organized ::

The left cupboard holds all the everyday wine and beer glasses. 

Labeled sketch for kitchen ::

Across the kitchen I've organized things in these cupboards so that I get the maximum out of the space.

Utility Organizer Cabinet used for storing hidden TV and small appliances ::

I took the Diamond Utility Organizer Drop Zone Cabinet and turned it into an appliance closet. And, on the top, we hide our TV and cable box. 

Utility Organizer Cabinet used for storing small appliances ::

You can see all these appliances fit nicely inside the cabinet. There's a dry erase/magnetic board that we use to hold a few things, too. 

Utility Organizer Cabinet used for storing small appliances ::

Even my VitaMix, waffle iron, spiralizer, and food processor. I use the Linus Clear Bins to organize the accessories at the top left. It holds everything beautifully! 

Organized cupboard for trays and serving dishes above double oven ::

Around the corner is the cabinet over the double oven that I use to hold a ton of my serving dishes and trays. I'm in this cupboard daily! The large serving trays fit great up at top with the cup cake molds and cooling racks next to those. The middle shelf holds lots of serving bowls and glass rectangle baking dishes. On the bottom shelf I have colanders, more servings bowls, some pretty rectangular dishes, and my large griddle that I use on my stovetop. 

Use an expandable shelf to hold more serving dishes inside a cupboards ::

If you'll notice, I got an expandable shelf to hold the griddle up above the other dishes. It really helps maximize the space so much better.

Use wired command hooks to hold rubber lids for serving dishes on back of cabinet door ::

I also use wire command hooks to hold my rubber/silicone suction lids for my various dishes that don't have lids on the back of the cabinet door. 

Organized cupboard over fridge for cookbooks and baking supplies ::

Moving over to the fridge - these cupboards are really deep! I hold my cookbooks and all the baking accessories up here. 

Organized cupboard over fridge for cookbooks and baking supplies ::

It's so deep that behind the cookbooks, I've got more Linus clear bins that hold more baking accessories. 

Organized cupboard over fridge for cookbooks and baking supplies ::

These are the things we use the least in the kitchen. I have to get a step stool to get up in this cupboard, even for the cookbooks. We use those probably several times a week, but the rest of the kitchen I get into those cupboards several times a day to get stuff out so this was the best place to put all these things.

Labeled sketch for kitchen ::

Across from the fridge, under the windows, I've got a tiny cupboard next to my dishwasher.

Small side cupboard for organizing cutting boards ::

Originally, I was going to put trays in here, but found a better use was to put all my cutting boards - we can grab them out quickly and use them often. I plan to get a few more cutting boards - we use them a lot and have different uses for each one - meats, veggies, etc. I also have a dish drying mat that I prefer over using a dish drainer. 

Under kitchen sink cabinet organized with cleaning supplies and terry towels ::

Having a single sink instead of a double means that I have a LOT more room under my sink now to store things. My old sink took up so much room with all the pipes that I couldn't get half of this under there. 

Back of cabinet door under sink cabinet, wine cleaning scrubbers hung up and rubber gloves ::

Now, the sink IS deep, as you can see how low it goes but it still affords me plenty of space. I love stuff on the back of the cabinet doors and so having this on mine gives me the space to put necessary things. I also have a basket full of my terry towels, which I started doing about 4 years ago to prevent so much waste from paper towels -  I still use paper towels, but about 1/3 less than I used to. 

Pull out kitchen caddy under kitchen sink ::

Again, I use the wire command hooks on the back of the other cabinet door to hold the terry towels so they dry. 

Pull out kitchen caddy with detachable cleaning caddy under kitchen sink ::

The favorite for me is this under sink kitchen caddy that has a detachable cleaning caddy. So organized!

Organized roll out drawers under large exhaust fan for gas cooktop ::

Next to the sink is my gas stovetop - which happens to be have a downdraft exhaust fan and it takes up a lot of room in this cupboard. Since we didn't know how much room it would take up, we opted to have a wide open cabinet with no shelves. Indeed, it takes up too much room to be able to put a shelf in here. 

Organized roll out drawers under large exhaust fan for gas cooktop ::

So, I purchase roll out cabinet drawers to make the most of the space under there. They were super simple to install - I did it all on my own - and work great.

Back of cabinet door to hold supplements ::

There is also an organizer rack on the back of the cabinet doors to hold my supplements there - or I can use for spices!

Labeled sketch for kitchen ::

The very last cupboard is hidden! It's in the peninsula. 

Labeled sketch for kitchen ::

See the back of the peninsula on the left? There is an extra cupboard there!

Hidden cabinet on peninsula to hold extra stool ::

I have something funny in there, don't I? I keep an extra stool in there - it fits perfectly. So, there you have it - that's ALL my cupboards and last week I showed you all my drawers! I would love to know what your favorite idea is and how you might use that for organizing your cupboards.

Also, please share this with your friends and pin your favorite ideas!

Products used:

Linus Clear Bins: The Container Store
Cabinets - MasterBrand Diamond Cabinets
Expandable Shelf - Amazon
Wire Command hooks - Amazon
Silicone Lids - Amazon
Roll out cabinet drawers - The Container Store

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