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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Space Organized

So, you want an organized space! You work and work, declutter and declutter. Now your space is FINALLY looking pretty organized! But, here's the part that's crucial - it's the "keeping your spaced organized" part that's the last step and it's a critical step! I'm going to give you five quick tips that you can keep with you. Feel free to pass this along to any other friends who are trying to get, and stay, organized! Pin it - don't forget about it!

5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Space Organized :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

1. Label it.

Once you start getting your area organized, label things. Sometimes it seems crazy, but unless you are the ONLY person who is using it or you have an amazing memory, you should label it. Use pretty labels, simple labels, chalkboard labels, or just write it with color coded Sharpie! Chances are better that it will STAY organized when it's labeled.

2. Put it Back.

I've said this time and time again, but train yourself and your family to PUT things BACK! Yes, that includes toddlers! I trained my kids that they couldn't start anything new until they put things back where they belong. The same goes for YOU - put it back, and do it right away! If you're cooking, start putting ingredients back to their place as you go, if you're getting ready for bed put your clothes back where they go. Don't leave things all over. It may seem like a big task in the moment, but it's not really that hard and it makes a huge difference in how things stay organized.

3. Fix it.

You may have found the perfect way to organize something and then all of the sudden it stops working! Your kids grow bigger and older, and things don't fit like they used to - you're busier than you once were, and so forth.  Fix the system or the way you organized it if it's no longer working. It's normal - I do it ALL the time. My great organized way of something changes - my eating habits may have changed, the schedule we use now is outdated, etc. It's perfectly normal to have to make a different organizing system!

4. No perfectionism.

Don't go into the perfectionism mode -- I see this ALL the time. It's the "if it can't be perfect, I give up" or "I'm going to kill myself trying to keep it perfect" mode. I'm not saying to give up completely, just realize that you need to do SOMETHING versus nothing. 

5. One in, One Out.

Always, always, always...never bring in more without getting something out! You can't keep it organized if you bring in my clutter! Train yourself to get rid of something in the space before buying a new one. 

What is one way you can improve in keeping your space organized?

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  1. Great tips, I would add throwing trash away. I would say 25% of the time when I work with clients, we are throwing trash (broken items, used tissues, empty bottles, fruit peels, etc...) away. No judgment here, I am there to help with everything, even the gross stuff, however, they do get embarrassed. And, as a result, they take care of that task before I get there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Love these tips! What I think I need to work on the is year is recognizing my clutter habits; such as magazines, papers, etc. They just pile up! So I need to STOP those items from even coming into my living/work space. Or have a better plan to execute them before they pile up. Also, I think scheduling decluttering helps. Cleaning the kitchen after dinner? Why not spend an extra 5 minutes straightening up spices or cleaning out a small drawer? I really need to do these things. I have seen this past year the negative affect disorganization and clutter have had in our home.

  3. I swear by the one in one out rule!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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