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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

3 Simple Steps to Staying Organized

Why is it so difficult to stay organized?  It felt great to have an area of your home organized and clutter-free but have yet to discover the secret to keeping it that way.

3 Simple Steps to Staying Organized :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Let me assure you, keeping up with organization is a struggle for most.  The secret to maintaining is to adopt the following 3 practices and life styles.

1. Change your mindset.  

Maybe your belief has been that organizing your home is a one-time event.  I wish this was true but unfortunately it’s not.  Organization is a life-long habit that will require a conscientious effort.  If you let your guard down, clutter will return.   Make it a daily routine to declutter, toss, and recycle. Enlist the help of your family. Recycle junk mail, wash dishes, clear off surfaces and put away clean laundry. Have you ever heard the phrase, “it’s easier to keep-up than catch-up?”  A few minutes spent maintaining (keeping-up) will make a big difference in your home and won’t be as stressful as tackling a major organizing project.

2. Put things away after using them.

I know, I know, this can be a drag but it’s easier to put one item away now than deal with a pile of stuff in the near future.  Clutter attracts clutter.  Change your habits and from this day forward vow to no longer “put this here for now.”

3. Regularly and ruthlessly edit your belongings.  

Establish a donation zone for items you decide you no longer want in your home.  This zone could be as simple as a box, bag or other container labeled “donate.”  Once your donations have a home they won’t co-mingle with your other stuff, cause confusion and the require re-sorting.  If you enjoy holding garage sales, label the containers “sell” and place them in a holding area.

Maintaining will become easier as you develop new routines and downsize.  The reward is your freedom. Are you having a hard time staying organized?

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  1. This is so true. My mother was the queen of clean, so at 18 when I moved away from home I was hit with the reality that I did not know how to keep a home. Sure I knew how to clean, however apparently I never had been responsible for my own upkeep. Its been 11 years since then a I am just now (with 2 kids and a husband in tow) reaping the benefits of years of practice in these three endeavors. As our lives change, the methods in which we organize, edit and clean change. As well as my expectations as to what is considered organized. Might as well keep on keeping on. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Great post Jill! The 'put this here" for now attitude is one that we all have and I see my husband and son doing it as well. That is a big one we need to work on and keep working on. :)

  3. I didn't realize the value of daily pickups until I read "Getting Organized the Bonnie McCullough Way" back in the late 1980s. That book totally changed my life!

  4. Becky, I love your blog, and Jill, I love this post! Not only are the 3 steps simple, but your post itself is... there is nothing better than getting great information without having to read a novel! Thank you! :)

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