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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Perfectly Organized? What?

Have you ever looked at these beautiful magazine pictures, Pinterest photos, Instagram photos, and felt like you just couldn't measure up to that? Like, it's so PERFECT, I can never do that. Let me give you a dose of reality today and encourage you! I LOVE encouraging you! You see, those are staged!

Tween Girl's turquoise organized closet ::

Yes, staged! You know, how people stage a home to sell it? It's not really how they live in it, it just looks pretty and perfect. Well, last week, when I took this photo it was also staged. My daughter's closet looks amazing like this! But, there are things you should know about this photo:

1. That chair doesn't go there. She has a huge nightstand that goes there and she couldn't live without it. So, while it looks beautiful there, it goes on the other side of her room along with the garden stool.

2. I only have about half of her clothes actually hanging in her closet. These are the ones that looked the prettiest in there and "went" with the turquoise best. Also, only the "pretty" storage boxes made the cut in there, too. The others were in the other room - and I filled in the gap with the pretty hats she has.

3. That shoe rack about killed me! What you didn't see is that I bought the wrong sized shoe organizer/rack. So, I had to take it outside and cut it down to fit in there. Then, when I put it back together, the holes were gone. When I screwed it back in, the whole thing fell apart because I didn't pre-drill holes {I was in a hurry}! So, it's literally just there but I told my daughter not to touch it!

4. Her drawers. We replaced her other drawers with this gliding ones - which I LOVE! However, her other drawers we had made these front drawer "covers" using duct tape so you couldn't see into them and how messy they got. She looked at me when we put these in and said "But, Mom, what about the drawer covers?" Ha! She knows it won't stay looking that neat for long. 

Getting a photo of Tween Girl's turquoise closet ::

And, here is what her room looked like on the other side while I was taking photos. Keep this in mind. I'm not trying to faking you out or lie, just trying to make it a pretty photo. But, just KNOW that it's not perfect.

Here's shopping info:

1. Gray slipper chair - {similar} Target
2. Hamper - The Container Store
3. Garden Stool - Michael's
4. Lamp - Ikea spray painted with Rustoleum Turquoise
5. Ruffle Pillow - Home Goods
6. Chevron Curtains - Fabric from
7. Bins on shelves - Ikea 
8. Hangers - Home Goods
9. Hook {for robe} - Anthropologie
10. Elfa Closet System - The Container Store

My master closet has it's problems, too. But, it actually stays a little bit neater. Here is the photo - looks beautiful, doesn't it?

Master Bedroom organized closet ::

Here are the things you don't see - not as many as the other closet but truly shows things aren't perfect:

1. I took out more than half of my clothes for this photo shoot. 

2. I took out all the stuff that was sitting on the floor of the closet {mostly neatly tucked under the clothes}.

3. The lighting in that closet is awful! Trying to wait all day for the sun to shine in the window to get a decent photo was difficult when I was on a deadline!

4. The curtains outside the closet are too short! 

5. The wallpaper -- well, I ran out of it and it was the last roll at Target. I had to patch it at the bottom right side. Notice the pattern changes?

6. This closet is funky! Do you see that there is a ceiling difference? That's the old duct work for our a/c - which we no longer us that but to rip it out and patch would be a bigger pain than it's worth. So, when we designed the closet system, we designed it around the ceiling drop!

Here is what my bedroom looked like during the photo shoot:

During photo shoot of Master Bedroom organized closet ::

Right? Not so perfect. But, you understand!

Shopping info:

1. Slipper Chair - {similar} Target
2. Wallpaper - Target
3. Hamper - The Container Store {similar}
4. Small Chandelier - The Home Depot
5. Elfa Closet System - The Container Store

Confessions of a perfectly organized closet ::

One last thing, as a reminder that you CAN win a $5000 closet system from The Container Store, and perhaps, you could even looking great from all that awesome organizing! Ha!

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