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Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Reasons Why Organizing is Fun

It's hard to believe that in over 5+ years of blogging I've never actually talked about the reasons why organizing FUN! If you HATE organizing, or even if you LOVE organizing, it can really be fun! Let me help enlighten you with these five ways!

5 reasons why organizing is FUN! OrganizingMadeFun.com

1. Think of it as a puzzle.

I'm honestly not big on putting puzzles together, but I like a challenge. I've found the challenge of figuring out how to organize most things fun. I go on Pinterest, get my inspiration, then start at it! I've enjoyed just the completion of being able to get something organized. 

2. Making creative uses of unused containers.

Sometimes just organizing helps us find containers we don't need in one area and can move to another, or uses for things we might throw out, like shoe boxes. You know, it's fun to get creative and find ways to use containers.

3. Freeing to declutter

OK, admit it, the BEST thing about organizing is the decluttering, right? It feels SO freeing! When you get into the organizing mode, you no doubt, MUST declutter! Even if you JUST organize a drawer, it feels AWESOME to get that clutter out and get the organization IN!

4. You have a home for everything.

When you don't know where stuff is, you are constantly losing your mind, right? I am! When you organize, it's FUN being able to feel like your stuff has a place, a home that it needs to go. 

5. Do it when the mood hits - be spontaneous.

Honestly, the best time for organizing is when you're in the mood - just being spontaneous. Sometimes it just HITS you and you suddenly realize you want to organize an area. Just keep it a small area - don't go crazy if you tend to start things and never finish. 

I also asked my Instagram and Facebook followers "What is FUN about organizing?" and here are some of my favorites:

  • It's the same feeling organizing a space for me as losing weight, only so much easer -- @vfriedy
  • The fun comes after, when you're not running around looking for things you misplaced. @elzach5
  • What's fun for me is making it pretty/work for my home. Like a pair of vintage blueberry packing boxes on the shelf of my coffee table to hold books, or DIY storage for tiny tots with old formula containers. @serenitynowgirl
  • I love the peace of mind it brings me! I feel so accomplished when I know exactly where something is! @21_days_to_fit
  • Organizing is amazing, like a breath of fresh air. Like a huge relief. When I get that "aha" moment about a perfect economical or free way to store my important stuff or organize it I feel invigorated and alive. And clever and calm. - via Facebook
  • Creating homes for items in their logically used place, then watching other members of the household find things without needing your help, and, more importantly, putting them back there, too. I know when I've got a space well organised because it stays tidy without any effort. - Via Facebook

What is fun about organizing for you?

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