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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Easily {and Naturally} Clean a Diffuser or Humdifier

One of my favorite things is to use my diffuser for essential oils, making things smell nice and adding some ambience to our home among other things. I use several around the house and they get kind of yucky after awhile. I have found a simple and easy way to clean them and thought I'd share it with you - and this would easily work with a humidifier, as well.

How to Clean a Diffuser or Humidifier EASILY and with no scrubbing ::

My favorite diffuser is this one, pictured above. I have bought three of these - twice from Zulily when they've gone on sale and once from Amazon and they are the BEST, in my humble opinion - and have lasted a very long time. Anyway, they get dirty inside from the hard water deposits and some of the oils are darker and leave a residue. So every few months, or as needed, I will clean them. {The ceramic tray, above, is from Target and is similar to THIS}. 

Hard water deposits on a diffuser ::

I use vinegar - I buy vinegar by the jug full because I use so much! Ha! But, honestly, it doesn't take a ton of it. 

Use vinegar and paper towels to clean diffuser with no scrubbing ::

I pour in enough to fill about 1/3 of the diffuser with vinegar and then grab about 3-4 paper towels and fold them a little bit to be able to go around the inside of the diffuser. See the picture above - what this does is draw the vinegar UP along the sides to clean the sides of the diffuser. 

You can reuse vinegar from one diffuser to the next ::

Then, I let it sit in there for 30 minutes! Set your timer so you don't forget! Then, I wring out the paper towel {and set aside}, pour the excess vinegar into the next diffuser you want to clean - this way you aren't wasting it - and then use the vinegar soaked paper towel to wipe down the insides. You'll see the gunk slide right off and your diffuser will look new again!

Soak paper towels in vinegar and wring a little to set on lid to clean it ::

If the lid is gunky, use a vinegar soaked {and wrung out a bit} paper towel in the lid and let it also sit for 30-45 minutes. It will also wipe clean!

How to Clean a Diffuser or Humidifier EASILY and with no scrubbing ::

That's it! Super easy. Now, if you have a humidifier, you can adapt a similiar way to clean it. Just pour the vinegar into the gunky area of the compartment and use an old toothbrush and the paper towel trick I gave you above. Here's a tutorial that can also help you. If you like vinegar to clean, like I do, check out how I use it for laundry!

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