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Friday, July 3, 2015

Small Bathroom Storage Solution

Having a small space poses problems for most. But, for me, I look at it like a challenge! We have this one teeny tiny bathroom! It's great because it has a shower, a toilet, AND a sink. But, it's tiny and there's not much storage in there. It's located near our back door so it's great for our guests who come over to use that restroom, but we also like to have it for overnight guests to use, as it's a spare bathroom for us. So I came up with a great storage solution!

Small Bathroom Storage Solution ::

I got some inspiration from my favorite place for inspiration - Pinterest! I was looking for some new ideas for small space storage in the bathroom. It was THIS pin that inspired my idea!

Back of bathroom door BEFORE::

Here is the back of the bathroom door before. There is a small pedestal sink so there isn't much place to put anything for storage - at all! I'd show you the sink...but oh my goodness it's so hard to take a photo in that bathroom it's so tiny! {Yes, I stood on the toilet to take this photo below}. 

Small storage solution by using storage bins on the back of the door ::

Here it is after! This was super easy and inexpensive too! I got each of these baskets at Target for $4 each, similar to this

Use command hooks to hang storage bins ::

I used command hooks on the back of the door since I didn't want any more holes in it - and because I filled all the holes and sanded them, I wanted it to stay that way! So, they were the perfect way to make this temporary or permanent without marking things up.

Chalkboard labels to organize on the back of the door ::

I also added some wood chalkboard labels {similar to this} that I had made from wood with a hole drilled in it - large enough to thread a cable tie through it. 

No storage? Use the back of the door ::

Oh, I got a picture of the pedestal sink! Amazing! You can see I hung the storage bins so they fit around the sink when you open the door and they don't get in the way of washing hands, either! What do you think? A little extra way to have more storage in the bathroom - on the back of the door! 

I've got lots more ideas for the back of the door organizing here, too! 

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  1. Where did you get your hand towel hanger? Its so cute!

  2. Such a lovely idea! I just moved to a new place and I'm currently trying to organize the bathroom. I wouldn't think of a " back of the door organizing" and it's so simple, and the baskets are so cute. Great storage for all my toiletries and even few towels. Thanks for sharing this clever idea!


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