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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Corralling Stuffed Animals

Are your children’s stuffed animals constantly underfoot and multiplying? Fortunately, there are solutions that will create order and corral those critters out of chaos.

Corralling Stuffed Animals -- Get them decluttered and organized ::

  • Spend time editing each child’s collection with your children participating in the process.  Make this as painless as possible and encourage them through compromise.  For example, ask them to find 20 stuffed animals they want to keep. They may counter with a higher number so start low.

  • Another option is to find a meaningful place to donate their excess that will help your children feel good about letting go.  Local police departments, shelters, churches and hospitals may accept them if they are in excellent condition.

  • After editing their collections, you are ready to contain and store.  Look for simple, accessible options that appeal to your children, otherwise they will remain on the floor.

Here are some ideas to get you started.  

Nothing is going to guarantee the stuffed animals will be put away. That is where you come in with a daily tidy up routine.  All the toys and animals return to their homes at the end of the day—except the precious few they sleep with.  

Limit their sleeping companions to a range, maybe 2-4, instead of a set number. This will give them some control over the matter and there will be less to clean up in the morning.

What will you do to tame the stuffed critters in your house?

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  1. When my kids were little, I scrounged an empty carpet roll. I painted it and cut it to fit floor to ceiling. I think I had someone cut me a piece of wood to fit in the bottom for a snugger fit. I used screw in cup hooks. Then I sewed plastic rings on the back of the stuffed animals. We hung the animals on the hooks. It was cute and the kids could help hang up their own stuffed animals. It was easy to rotate the most favorite ones to the bottom. The kids called it the Animal Tree. It was fun to make and fun to use!

  2. We just organized a large amount of books in my little girls room last weekend. She loves being organized (she is 7). It made us take a look at the amount of stuffed animals that she had (way too many). It is amazing how that happens without even trying. This weekend we will be taking a look and eliminating the stuff animals. We have a wicker basket that they are kept in and when that overflows, some must go.

  3. I know how quickly the stuffed animals can get out of control, so I'm trying to stay on top of the population while my little one is still pretty young. I just hate the look of the hammock, which was popular when I was a kid.


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