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Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Year's Organizing Goals

I definitely have some organizing goals for this year. I don't resolve to be organized each year - I mostly have that, but I DO need to re-organize areas in and around my home so they work better for my lifestyle changes. This year marks five years of blogging for me - so much has changed in this past five years...

This Year's Organizing Goals include my home office

One of my "lifestyle" changes has been that I added a new business this year which requires more stuff for me to keep in my office. My Craig's List desk is no longer sufficient - and I haven't really liked this desk for awhile. I painted it to look pretty in my office - and it is - but it's function isn't something I prefer. So, I have come up with a plan! 

This Year's Organizing Goals include my home office and a new built in desk

I'm going with Ikea - it will look built-in but cost way less and function well! Above you can see my ideas of colors for that one wall where my desk and everything will go. I painted my office a couple of years ago in a gray with yellow and turquoise accents. I love the colors, so I am just going to make an accent wall behind the desk to liven things up!

This Year's Organizing Goals include my home office and a new built in desk

Above my desk I want open shelving - imagine something like pictured above, only MUCH lighter in color. I've been wanting that somewhere in my home and this is the perfect place and I'll have the accent wallpaper behind it, too. I'm ready to jump in and move things and get this started.

This year's organizing goals, including moving and re-organizing my daughter's desk ::

My office desk is going to go to my daughter for her room. Her current desk we got free and fixed up {and is a bit raggety now}. This will be a step up for her, definitely! It's a much larger desk but will still fit in her room similarly to her desk she has in there now. We will likely donate her current one to someone else - it's the recycling cycle! We'll get her reorganized, too, once we move things around too. She's going to be in middle school next school year {sniff, sniff} and we can organize her for that transition!

Our "new to us" RV - another DIY and organizing project ::

I also plan to work on our latest fun project! We bought a used RV last week. We've been searching and looking for one for many months. We are excited about it and I can't wait to decorate and organize it! I'm going to share more about that next week!

My newest business -

Lastly, I need to get organized in my schedule and my life! I have been completely overwhelmed with busyness. I am currently working three jobs - yes, three! I didn't mean for this to happen. I want to apologize to my loyal readers and followers - I know that it has reflected in my writing and in my content. I am blogging here, I'm blogging and working on my essential oils business HERE, and I'm a piano teacher one day a week. My office hours have been non-stop. I am grateful for a wonderful assistant, Tiffany, who has helped picked up the slack for me and my professional organizer contributor, Jill, who has also given me some amazing content as well. I have planned to update you with my latest DIY projects, organizing, and inspiring you to get organized too. We're in this journey together. I don't always have things together - please don't ever think that. I've shared this before. I'm busy - my kids are busy - my husband is busy. We have to take time to intentionally slow down. 

What are your plans for organizing this year? Do you have a specific area that needs help? Please share!

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