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Friday, January 30, 2015

An Inspired New Year

There are so many ways you can express your personal creativity and style as you keep your home, family and schedules in order.  Getting organized in the new year does not have to be a chore.  

I hope this month's posts have inspired your to truly enjoy your organized resolutions.  If you missed anything you can find all the links here.   

Have you tried Mridu's free 5 day video series on how to Organize like a Pro? 

5 day video series 250 250

Her fun, spunky approach to organization will give you a smile and her video on Organization in the new year will inspire you to make and keep those resolutions you've been making.  

United tub logo2

The  ROPE HANDLE TUB by United Solutions can be used in so many ways.  Try one in the car,  the garden, the closet, or even baseball field.  

I am sure you all have seen them and have fantastic creative ideas for how you would use them. ORDER YOURS TODAY!

Have you ever considered becoming a professional organizer? If you have, go HERE and find out how you can easy it can be!

Alejandra  has a free 3-day video series to get you started organizing your life and many more FANTASTIC videos on her blog at  ALEJANDRA.TV  to inspire you this month.  

 Alejandra TV - GREAT video series on how to organize ::
My favorite this month is THIS ONE where she organizes her entire pantry spending just $42 at the Dollar store! 

My FAVORITE way to keep my family organized! It's a FREE app and I use it daily -- like ALL day daily! You need to sign up for this awesome app!

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