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Monday, September 15, 2014

More Turquoise Fun!

We must be a turquoise loving bunch. Last week I shared the turquoise cart I got from Ikea to organize all my piano teaching stuff. And this week I wanted to share a quick update of my daughter's new turquoise curtains...yes, that I made! If you want a tutorial, I'm sorry but that's not what you'll see because I'm not much on sewing!  Her tween room has been such a fun place for her to hang out and we added another splash of color with functionality...

Tween Girls' Room ::

...I have to say "thank you" to Online Fabric Store because they were gracious enough to supply us with my daughter's ULTIMATE fabric that she wanted for her curtains. She was very specific about wanting turquoise chevron stripes for her curtains.

Before and After of Turquoise Chevron Curtains ::

Her room is such a bright and sunny room - which sounds fantastic until the sun is beaming in your room at 5:45 in the morning as bright as can be and you're a growing young lady dying to sleep in on a Saturday! That was our dilemma. I upgraded her white cellular shades {which don't block any light} to some very nice Smith + Noble rolling shades in gray. They are good quality and should fair better than the other two sets of shades we've had there since moving here - the saying "you get what you pay for" is definitely true! I was able to get them on sale for her four windows! You might notice we've rearranged her room a bit too -- we flipped the bed to the other wall. She found that her bed on the other side made her hear all the noise in the hallway at night and hindered her sleep too!  

Chevron Striped Curtains - stripes line up ::

Then I took her existing "light-blocking" curtains I got at Target a few years ago {which didn't really block much light at 5:45 in the morning} and sewed right on top of them so that it would make it extra dark at night and in the morning. I have to sew - but I am NO seamstress. My mom is an amazing seamstress, and she taught me how to sew. I can sew, just not very well. I am impressed that I was able to match up the chevron stripes - yes, that was on purpose!

Chevron Striped Curtains ::

Most people think that because I like to organize that I'm OCD or a perfectionist. But, I'm actually not at all. I think I'm organized because I have a hard time staying focused and clutter distracts me and bothers me {remember I talked about that HERE?}. So, when I was sewing the curtains, I didn't measure, I just eye balled most everything -- and they turned out great!

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