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Monday, July 14, 2014

Small Space Inspiration!

Is your space small? I get so many of you who write and ask for help and inspiration for small space organizing. We first need to ask ourselves, if you live in a small space, how much you can get rid of. Unfortunately, if you live in a small space, you must live with the bare minimums. It's true. But, it's also VERY freeing to have less. 

Small Space Organizing Ideas ::

Living in a small space has it's advantages and disadvantages. Some of us must realize that stuff is stuff. We feel badly to get rid of something that Grandma gave us. Why? If she knew that it was costing you valuable space or causing problems, would she want you to keep it? If Aunt Barbara gave you something years ago that you adore, but can't part with it, giving it away will not mean you love her less. If you have a hard time in your small space getting rid of clutter or getting organized, the following past posts of mine are GREAT ways for you to get that motivation and inspiration! I hope you can use these to help you - just click on the picture or the words!

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Where to start organizing:

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10 Causes and Cures for Clutter:

10 causes and cures for clutter ::

I hope you get some inspiration! If you feel like you just can't get your clutter out and you need serious help, I have a HUGE directory of professional organizers that are all over the world. They would love to help you get started with your clutter - go HERE to see the directory!

Small Space Organizing Ideas ::

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