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Monday, July 21, 2014

Atlanta or Bust

Well, I'm finally getting around to giving you some updates on what I've been up to the last week or so. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me use the hashtags #havenconf and #OMFinAtlanta and kept up with some of what I've been doing. 

Heading to Georgia ::

I fly out to Atlanta once each hear for the Haven Conference, which is a bloggers' conference in the Home Decor and DIY niche. I love it. I have such a great time. My friends are all there - I have so many blog friends now. I just wish I had more time to talk with each of them longer. Probably my favorite friend is my organizing blogger friend, Ginny of Organizing Homelife. We have so much in common and regularly chat online and texting one another all the time. 

My friend Ginny of Organizing Homelife and I ::

Other blog friends I see every year include:

- Cyndi Spivey {who is a fashion blogger} of Walking in Grace & Beauty 
- Heather of At the Picket Fence
- Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl
- Jen of Iheart Organizing
- New friend, Jen, of Beauty and Bedlam
- Traci of Beneath my Heart

...and many more!

I got to meet Mike Holmes - which is a BIG deal in this house. We don't really follow many celebrities - despite living in the media mecca here in Los Angeles - but we LOVE HGTV and DIY stars like him! My son was so impressed that Mom met Mike Holmes.

Mike Holmes and I ::

I spent three days at the conference and chatted with many different sponsor companies and took a lot of great classes to teach me to take better pictures, earn more money, bet a better blogger, and DIY more! It's fun, really!

Learning to use power tools properly ::

Since flying to the east coast is a long journey, I always try to stay more than just for the conference. I have several friends who actually live out there now and so I was able to visit them - and all their little ones. It's such a great reminder to be around toddlers again, how hard it is! And, how quickly that fast that phase goes! 

Little ones in Georgia ::

I have to say I loved how my friend Meghan was such a great hostess. She thought of all kinds of details. She DOES have the luxury of having a spare bedroom for guests and it has it's own bathroom. So, I felt especially special - it's something we don't have for our guests, we have to transform one of the kids' bedrooms

My boxer buddy, Shelby ::

They had a special boxer puppy who quickly became my pal. I grew up with cats, so it's not been until we got a dog for my daughter that I've grown so fond of dogs. This one was special too! She still has lots of "puppy" in her, as well.

Beautiful organizing cabinet ::

I also found this fabulous cabinet while we were out shopping in their little downtown area. Isn't it lovely? Well, I'll be getting more organizing inspiration soon so stay tuned later this week!

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