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Monday, June 23, 2014

Simple and Easy Jewelry Organizer

I have had this problem with my jewelry for the last 12+ months. I've started purchasing the chunky, colorful necklaces to wear with my outfits - from Groopdealz, Zulilly,  Forever 21, and other places for cheap! I love them because it adds personality and pizzaz to my outfits. But, they just don't fit in my current jewelry organizer very well. See? I can hardly close the door on it. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a solution, and I finally found it!

Problem: Chunky Necklaces don't fit ::

I combined my absolute love for the many magnetic boards I've made around my house with my jewelry and came up with this!

Magnetic Jewelry Organizer ::

What do you think? This is like NO other necklace/jewelry organizer I've seen anywhere - believe me, I've looked! What is the difference between this on others? Well, it's magnetic so you can move everything around quickly and easily, because styles change. Necklaces change. I know I may want to change where things hang later on.

Making a Magnetic Board ::

Let me show you quickly how I made it and the materials:

  • One 24 x 36 poster frame {I purchased mine at Target}
  • One 24 x 36 flat sheet metal {available at Home Depot or HERE
  • Fabric {I purchased mine at Joann's Fabric Store}
  • Spray Adhesive and Packing Tape {or some other wide tape}
  • Magnetic hooks {mine are from Amazon, HERE}
  • Four, large velcro Strips to hang framed board on the wall, like THESE.
I took out the clear plastic and put in the sheet metal that I wrapped with fabric - you can use a spray adhesive to help attached the fabric and then use tape on the back to hold it down. I put the clear plastic back but on the back of the sheet metal. Super easy! {Go HERE for a full tutorial on how to make one similar to this one}.

{Easy to Make} Magnetic Board Jewelry Organizer ::

This is how it looks! The best part about having it magnetic is that you can move the hooks around quickly and easily without leaving any marks. They are sturdy and strong.

Jewelry hung by magnetic hooks ::

I've seen other boards to hold jewelry that are on cork board - but the problem I had with those is that my necklaces are large and heavy and cork isn't very forgiving once you poke a hole into it or the fabric!

Jewelry hung by magnetic hooks ::

It's so pretty up on the wall!

Magnetic Jewelry Organizer ::

I chose a more neutral chevron color so it didn't make the board look even more busy with all the colored necklaces on it. I think it turned out great. What do you think?

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