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Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Favorite Practical Kitchen Tips

I love being practical and organized in the kitchen. Don't you? I have some kitchen tips for you - I found many of these in Women's Day magazine over 10 years ago and stuck them on the back of my cupboard to help me remember! So, I'm going to share some of my favorites with you!

Practical Kitchen Tips ::

  • Use dabs of frosting to "glue" the bottom cake layer to the serving plate to hold it steady as you frost a cake.
  • Stretch freezer space by freezing sauces, meatballs, even soups in ziptop bags. Squeeze out any air, press flat {I wait until hot things cool down first}, and stack! Food will thaw faster, too!
  • Neatly slice a log of goat cheese by holding both ends of a length of unflavored dental floss, sliding it under the log, then pulling up each end and firmly crossing the ends over each other.
  • If you have only one muffin pan and want to cool it quckly before refilling it with batter, turn it over and run cool water over the underside so you won't wet the muffin cups.
  • Keep your countertop clean when coating pans with nonstick spray {I use organic EVOO in a spray container} by putting the pan on the open door of your dishwasher, then spraying. Any overspray will be washed away when you do the dishes.
  • When labeling containers for your freezer, put the label on the side for upright freezers and on top for chest-type. Be sure to include the name of the dish, date, and amount.
  • Wet your hand in cold water before mixing or shaping ground beef, and the meat won't stick to them.
  • If a recipe calls for a covered skillet and you have no lid, use a baking sheet or pizza pan.
Practical Kitchen Tips ::

I'd love to hear of any of your own practical kitchen tips that you have. Share them here...

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