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Friday, August 30, 2013

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

If you have been following me for any time on Instagram, you probably have seen me show pictures of essential oils here and there. Well, after a series of things that happened, I started looking for alternative ways to heal - I just want to steer clear of medications, as much as possible.

A couple of my blog friends would go on and on about their essential oils and how much they loved them. I thought they were a bit nuts, honestly! But, the more I researched it and learned about it, I realized how wonderful they are - they are God's gift of healing to us! {Go to my Health Pinboard for lots of natural healing}.

One of the neat things about essential oils is that you can use all kinds of different oils to make mixes and sprays for just about everything you need. You would be surprised, seriously.  I'm just starting and growing my oils a little each month, but I have room in my "medicine" cabinet for them and more. Maybe I should start calling it my "healing" cabinet!

You can see my medicine cabinet "before" from a few years ago - which I didn't have a ton of medicine, but it was just boring and bland. I found this wrapping paper on clearance and cut it to fit the back of the cabinet and it looks so fun! Doesn't it? Then, I laminated another piece of wrapping paper to put underneath the items at the bottom of the cabinet. When you start using essential oils, it becomes a way of life and they are just so nice. Even my hubby, who can't have candles or smelly things in the house from his allergies, is totally fine with these. And my bathroom, seriously, smells like a spa every time I step in there!

I used a round sticker, my label maker, and some clear packing tape to hold it in place, to distinguish between one or the other. 

I love having these because the kids can help themselves to any of the oils I've mixed up and it's totally safe! We have enjoyed all these already in the few months we've been using them. My daughter is especially on board! And, I can see the oils have been helping my son's asthma. I've even used them for my dog! No joke - totally healed a nasty wound he had - and because they are CPTG {Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade - meaning they are completely natural that you can ingest them, unlike the kind you buy in the grocery store}, if the dog licks it off, he's fine!

In the drawer I put my extra glass bottles - sometimes I mix something for a friend and give it to them or myself - and a notepad and pen.

I've organized the notepad using washi tape to divide up sections in alphabetical order so I can write down all my mixes and spray formulas I've used and if I tweek them or need more I have it right there. It's not fancy, but it's quick and easy.

And here is your FREE printable! Just click the picture OR go HERE to download and print! Have you ever used essential oils? What are your favorite ones, if you have?

Feel free to visit my essential oils website, should you like to purchase your own awesome oils! Go here or click on the picture above. 

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