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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Importance of Having a Morning Routine

About four years ago, I had about 50 pounds to lose! It wasn't a pretty site, but having had two babies where I gained 70 and 80 pounds each - then losing, gaining, losing, gaining - I had enough of it and wanted to get that weight off for good! My excuse, to myself, was that I didn't have time to really exercise. I thought that I would have to wait until both my kids were in school before I could actually lose weight, so I could work out once they went to school -- procrastinator!

Something in my brain finally clicked. I sat down with my husband one night and told him that I needed to find a way to have a morning routine where I exercised. He agreed that he would wait four to five mornings a week, to leave for work at an agreed upon time, so that I could go work out but it would still be early. And ever since then, I have kept my morning routine! What is it?

I set out my work out clothes and my other things the night before to give me few excuses not to work out! And yes, most mornings I'm up at 5:20 AM - because that's the only time I can work out. I read my Bible, and get ready. Then, I head out the door - meeting with my walking partner - and we head up the "hill of death".

I must admit that the ONLY way I get up that hill is with my music in my Iphone moving me - I'm not kidding. I literally use the beat to the music to help me keep pace and walk fast.

I have a whole section in my Iphone called "Workout" and it's all fast paced music that I know will help keep me motivated to get up the hill - it's nearly two miles STRAIGHT up and it kicks my tail every day!

When I get back from walking, I get my kids' breakfast started - sometimes having some great music playing while we chat and eat! My hubby might need his morning coffee - and I'm happy to make that for him before he heads to work, too! Once I walk my daughter to school and the dog with us, I come home and shower up and get "ready" listening to more music while I put on my make up and do my hair - I LOVE having music going, pretty much all day long - including while I work!

So, what's the real reason that YOU need a morning routine - which may or may not be like mine? Well, when you have a routine, it helps you start your day right. When you have a ritual, like walking or drinking coffee or whatever you do, it just makes you feel like your home and you can now attack your day! Am I right?

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