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Friday, May 24, 2013

All Natural Weed Killer: Vinegar vs. Hot water

I always want to share stuff we do around the house, whether it's building a deck and outdoor kitchen or planting some succulents! But, I also wanted to share a little experiment I recently did to try and combat the weeds around our house.

With the reading I've done on weed killers, none of them are all too good for us or the environment, so I wanted to find something that was safe but effective. I've seen stuff on Pinterest about natural weed killers. One is to use boiling water. Another is to use vinegar

I decided to try both to see which worked better - or at all. Above, you can see where I used the boiling water -- it works! It really does. And fast!

This second picture shows what happened when I sprayed the weeds - similar to the other weeds - with vinegar.

I found that using the boiling water was very effective. It killed the weeds in less than an hour!! However, it doesn't cover a large area -- well, it could but you've have to go back and keep boiling another kettle of water over and over. So, it's a great method for a small area - but be careful when carrying your kettle of hot water and dumping, as you could get splashed with boiling water!

The vinegar was effective also, but took longer to kill the weeds and you have to do it on a sunny day - not sure why but from all I've read it seems the sun works with the vinegar to kill the weeds. I also like that I can use it on a large area. I sprayed all over and it did pretty good. I found this small sprayer at the hardware store {similar to this one}. 

The good news is that both methods worked well. I think in a general application, I'll be using vinegar with the sprayer. I'm just happy that I found something else to use to kill the weeds that is natural and will be so much better for my garden - should I mention that vinegar is WAY cheaper than commercial weed killer, too? Have you ever tried any of these methods to kill weeds or another one of your own?

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