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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teaming up with Office Depot! How to organize your make up with file folders!

A couple of months ago I shared my beautiful vanity that I updated and painted. It's a beauty and I'm enjoying it everyday.

What I'm not enjoying is the lack of organization that has ensued! I've been trying to think of a good way to get this beauty organized and how I could better it's function.

Then, along came Office Depot - and they challenged me to find new ways to use their office products. OK, I LOVE a good organizing challenge - not kidding, I really love it! And I also really love thinking of fun ways to organize with stuff that isn't meant for it's original purpose! So, this is the perfect solution for me!

My first idea - to "organize" with file folders, but not in the conventional way! I used the file folders as drawer liners! What? Yes, as drawer liners. Why file folders? Well, they are thick and strong and can serve well with what I needed. But, instead of just cutting up file folders and throwing them in the bottom of the drawer, I laminated them! Oh, the blessed laminator - I do love that thing!

I took out the drawer, measured the bottom and then cut up the file folder to the appropriate size. I ran them through my laminator and then trimmed each one. The reason I did this is that it will make it super easy to clean. I can just lift it out of the drawer and wipe off. Oh, and I'm AWFUL at lining drawers with contact paper - seriously, awful! It always looks a mess and it winds up stuck to itself. Well, this is WAY easier. WAY easier!

After I got the drawers lined, which took no more time to cut and laminate than if I'd used contact paper, but way less stressful. I used some office products to organize the drawers. 

This is the one that I thought really made sense. It's a Brocade Desk Organizer - pretty, but functional. It's metal, so it was perfect to use to hold my flat iron and curling iron {yes, that curling iron is about 20 years old, don't judge}. My hair dryer folds up perfectly next to the drawer desk organizer AND it's pretty! Score!

Just so you know, I also have an extension cord that I have put in the drawer by threading it through the back and over the drawer. My original idea was to drill a hole in the drawer, but it turns out that I didn't have to as their was a little opening in the back. It opens and closes fine and I can plug all my appliances into this one extension cord.

Sometimes simple organizing is best - like this drawer with my brushes. 

My favorite drawer is this middle drawer. My make up was everywhere, but with such a short and shallow drawer it was hard to figure out how to keep it all contained while organizing. 

I love this and it's working well on a daily basis.

The last thing I did was use the Brocade letter sorter as a stand for my Mini-Ipad. I like to have it on there in the morning to listen to music or just check up on stuff and having it sit on my vanity. It's pretty -- you can't buy a stand like this that is so pretty! And, it's functional. I can always move it around the house to use elsewhere, too! 

What do you think? Had you imagined you could organize with office products this way? 

*I was compensated to do this post about Office Depot's fabulous products.

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