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Friday, January 25, 2013

Update on Projects: Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors

Last month I told you that we were doing all kinds of projects, but we would be tackling one during Christmas - yes, DURING! We have installed engineered hard wood flooring in our back entrance {we call it "the music room" since it's where I teach my piano lessons}. 

hardwood floors install

The floors in there are one of the last rooms we had to tackle getting new flooring.

You can see that before that this carpet was gross. I had bought an indoor/outdoor carpet and was on there for the last five years so help hide the ugliness. 

But, underneath the carpet was old linoleum floor. Nasty, yucky floor! I knew it was bad, but it as pretty "bleck" when we saw it!

plywood hardwood flooring installing

So, my dad and hubby ripped out that floor and installed new plywood, similar to what my hubby did in the kitchen before we had the {linoleum} vinyl flooring put in.

They laid the flooring and now it's beautiful! Isn't it? It matches with the same hardwood flooring we put in our family room several years ago. 

And, if you're wondering what flooring and color I used, well here it is for you to take note! It's Bruce Flooring in Gunstock. We got ours through Lowe's. It's the same as in our family room so we wanted everything to match and flow. 

And my rug? I got that on Zulilly! I love it! It's super thick and plush - and it's wool. It was a great deal for a great rug.

You can see that our other floors in our house - which are the original hardwood flooring - aren't a perfect match to this floor. However, it's impossible to match because those floors have varnish that have yellowed for years - making them virtually impossible to match. But, if you are in the room, the floors flow well and there isn't much of a noticeable difference in them and it's probably about the best we could do!

And last, our dog HATES these new floors! Poor thing - we have hard flooring throughout most of the house, except our master bedroom, and he can hardly sit without slipping around. So, I took pity on him and bought a small rug to put near the kitchen {this is his sitting spot cause he's not allowed in the kitchen}. He's a little bit happier! I guess I can't please everyone! What do you think?

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