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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January End of Month Wrap Up

This month I hope more than ever you feel motivated and inspired. I pulled every trick in the book to help get you motivated! 

And guess what? There will be lots more coming this year - as always! My moto is to give you ideas, motivation, and inspiration! So, if you missed anything this month, now is your chance to catch up. Go and look through the organizing challenge links to get inspired by what all these readers did in their homes to get organized!

Now, I have some GREAT sponsors that have products and services that you will probably be interested in.

If you regularly read organizing books, newsletters and blogs but still struggle to create the organization you are after, simplify 101 is the perfect solution for you. In addition to organizing tips and ideas, Simplify 101 offers one-on-one coaching and online workshops. The beauty of their online workshops is that they are:

Guided by experts. Their online workshops are taught by subject matter experts who are available to answer your questions and are committed to keeping you motivated and on track to achieve your organization goals. (Try that with a book or blog post!)

Friendly and supportive. You’ll gain exclusive access to the supportive and friendly simplify 101 online community. You’ll be motivated and inspired by people with similar goals.

Adaptable. They don't prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, simplify 101’s workshops make it simple for you to incorporate your own personal style and ideas into your organizing solutions!

OMF readers can get 15% off any and all simplify 101’s current online workshop and self-paced workshops by entering FUN15 during checkout through February 7, 2013. This coupon may not be combined with any other coupon codes. Visit simplify101.com for more, and follow them on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!

Clean Mama has the best printables including this one above - her Work at Home Kit! She also has a 20% off code for OMF readers. Use 20ORGMF for your discount. 

If you participated in the New Year's Organizing Revolution Challenge, there is a coupon code for $20 off her Power Productivity Program (which would expire on 02/07/2013). The code is:


Alejandra posted the following videos: 

Alejandra's Power Productivity Program - http://www.howtoorganize.tv

Alejandra's Photo Labels - http://www.photolabels.tv
Alejandra's list of the best organizing products - http://www.alejandra.tv/products

(It's hard to find good organizing products, and these are products that Alejandra has used and recommends.)

If you want to link Alejandra's name in the posts to our social media pages in your posts, here are the links:


If you are interested in learning more go HERE. Alejandra will guide you through organizing through her video series.

Five Dinners in 1 Hour

Talk about getting organized with meal planning...Michelle will help you out with your meal planning by giving you all the tools you need to make 5 dinners in just one hour each week! Who wouldn't like that? 

Have you gotten your planner for 2013? If not, hurry and get yours so you can start keeping yourself organized and on track for this year! The Confident Mom has your planner!

Roni is our Thirty One Bags representative that would love to get you in order with the fun and functional bags they offer! If you have more questions or want to order something, go HERE and she can help you out! This month's special is: The Keep-It Caddy is only $5 in Feb. Great for car or home!

Last, if you are interested in a great Ebook to help you get yourself and home in order and organized, I highly recommend Becky's Ebook Pulling Yourself Together.

It includes printables to help get your cleaning routine figured out and really stick with it! She's got some great ideas! Thank you to everyone for all your support and keep coming back to Organizing Made Fun for inspiration each month!

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