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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Organizing for Christmas: Gift Wrapping Stations

When Christmas comes, so does the wrapping! Having a nice wrapping paper station - or at least an area of your home that's got your wrapping items organized - is helpful when you're getting ready to wrap up all your gifts!

ChristmasOrganizing Medium

If you haven't already bought your gifts, you will eventually be doing this. Some of you may be "wrap as you go" and others will be "wrap all at once" kind of gals! I tend to be the "wrap all at once" cause I want to get it over with in one big shot! I have set up my laundry "room" in the basement as my wrapping station and my Hubby even gave me a cupboard over his work area to set up my station and I use my folding table as my wrapping table. 

But, some of you may have yours organized differently or not at all. So, I wanted to give you some ideas on how you can set yours up -- easily, basically inexpensively, and so it functions well for you.

Our Big Adventures in Big O'le Texas

Let's start with the back of the door! 

And, here is another back of the door...I know they're similar, but I just love stuff on the back of the door!

Mom Spotted

Maybe you just have a floor in a closet to set up something. Here's an idea to use a storage container to hold ribbons and bow - it's really simple but it works well {even in their unfinished closet}.

Two Twenty One
Here's another one with a darling stenciled filing cabinet, grouped with other small containers to form her wrapping station.

Between Blue and Yellow
How about a dresser to make your wrap station - with the top to use as where you wrap? I love this idea. Dressers are so useful!

Thrifty Decor Chick
Maybe you just have a basement {like me} and need to whip up a spot. I like this simple way to use a shelving system with a few containers to get it organized!

Real Simple

Here is a simple skirt hanger used to hold the tissue and a shoe pocket organizer for other wrapping supplies.

The Container Store

And last, if you just can't figure anything else out, maybe you can put it under your bed! Here is a great organizer that is for that! Do you have a special way you organize your wrapping paper, or is it a mess?

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