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Monday, November 26, 2012

How to organize an under the stairs closet! OMF to the Rescue!

I'm here with another OMF to the Rescue! Today I have an under the stairs {coat} closet to deal with! They are a bit crazy and I'm sure many of us deal with them. So, let's see what we can do.

"Can't seem to organize it in a way that is easy to keep up. It has to hold the coats, my gift bags, tissue paper and wrapping papere, and I'd love the vacuum to go in here. All the other things I plan to put in the attic today.

Ugh!!!  It's driving me crazy! 
Thanks for any suggestions you might have."

Here is the picture she sent, above. Well, with a little extra help from me! Ha, ha...a coat closet that is under the stairs is a doozy! 
Source: House of Hepworths

I have a bunch of ideas for her. These are actually fun to find. This one above is perfect for an example of what she can do under her stairs to turn it into a coat closet. Go HERE to see it because Allison even shows you a full tutorial on how she did it. 

She also asked about storing a vacuum and tissue and wrapping. You know me, of course, put that gift wrapping stuff on the back of the door! Above is a great example, HERE is one if you can't find it at your store. The vacuum should be able to be stored on the other side of where you can put the coats on a rack. 
Source: All in a Day

This under the stairs genius project hides the water heater, uses the back of the door, AND has extra storage! Very nice -- she shows you how to do that HERE.


Oh, my goodness -- look at these under the stairs pull outs! These are phenomenal, aren't they?


While this isn't a closet under the stairs, it's a great way to make use of a basement under the stairs area, too.

Another great example of using that wasted space -- and really pretty to look at too! Are you inspired? Don't waste space! Get things organized!

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