31 Days of Organizing Fun: Day #21 -- Binders | Organizing Made Fun: 31 Days of Organizing Fun: Day #21 -- Binders

Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Days of Organizing Fun: Day #21 -- Binders

Welcome to Day #21 of 31 Days of Organizing Fun! 

I loved having a school binder, many years ago! I would organize all the section and make cute, little drawings on it. Wrote my name all cutsie! Well, today, I want to show you more ways to organize with binders - other than for school!

A Bowl Full of Lemons

First up, a binder for organizing coupons! My friend, Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons, has this incredibly great post on how she organizes all of hers.

Organizing Homelife

How about this binder? This is Ginny from Organizing Homelife's home binder. She's running a whole month of free printables for this binder, too {and they are really good}. You can organize all your family papers here in one place. I have one in my office that I use to organize my kids' schedules and such.
Reluctant Entertainer

These binders are used for crafts and memories. Sandy, of Reluctant Entertainer, uses them to hold her kids memories in them. It's a great way to define how much is too much and to keep some of the kids' memories of things while organizing it into categories or grades and ages.

Prudent Baby

Of course, I have to mention using a binder to organize recipes! I have one in my kitchen that I'm using to organize my Pinterest recipes -- mostly "yes" recipes that we love! This one, above, is from Prudent Baby and she's categorized them and neatly organized them with page protectors and tabs.

Ladybug's Teacher Files

Last, I want to show you this binder! This blogger/teacher is amazingly organized! I LOVE her stuff. She is Ladybug's Teacher Files and has all her classroom and assessments and such in her VERY organized binder! Oh, my goodness...my mom was a teacher and principal for 30+ years and she would LOVE this kind of stuff! Right, Mom? Great ideas and free printables that she has for her binder system. I'm sure you have at least ONE binder in your home - what do you use yours for?

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