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Friday, August 10, 2012

Organizing the shed and potting bench

I hope you aren't tired of me talking about my potting shed project! If you are, this is the LAST post about it! It has been a fun project. What started off as a great project from Sherwin Williams, turned into a fantastic space for us. Well, mostly me, but it DOES store the lawn mower! So, today I want to show you how I organized everything in there and hope that you can get some ideas for any of your spaces, too!

I want to start with the tool wall. It's packed with so much organizing fun because I decided that the old way we stored the tools wasn't working. When we first moved in, I bought these broom organizers that we quickly put up and hung all the shovels and tools on. Well, they did fine for about a year, but I think the tools we had hanging on them were just to heavy and they broke and got warn out. I use the same one in my utility closet and it's fine! 

As you can see I used all kinds of hooks for the tool wall that are strong and sturdy. The wood plank walls can handle these heavy shed tools. The hooks screw right in and have done well at handling their weight. I used much of the old hooks from the old shed and then bought a few more at our hardware store.

My hubby is a genius at electrical and he re-wired the shed with an outlet near the floor so that we could plug in our lawn mower - which has a key start that occasionally needs to be plugged in. 

He also installed extra outlets above the potting bench counter top to charge the many batteries for our re-chargeable blower and trimmer, as well as being able to have an extra phone base on there. He's a keeper, that man! I also put the "charged" batteries in the drawer so we know which ones are ready - cause it's super hard to remember which ones are charged and which aren't.

Across from the tool wall is the wall that adjoins to the garage and it holds this new shelf system that we installed. Noticed I used colored-clear containers. You can see what's inside but it's not that obvious from back a little bit. I put numbers on them for fun and for remembering what goes where. Bin #1 has stuff in it that is just all that extra little stuff that comes with tools and things that you can't throw out {cause you JUST might use it} but you need to keep it! Bin #2 has all kinds of things my hubby wanted to keep {don't even ask me what all is in that}. Bin #3 has my flower and weed stuff. Bin #4 has several gas cans {I've left the top open slightly for ventilation}. It looks SO neat and tidy just sticking all that junk in these containers! By the way, I bought these containers at Kmart for about $6 a piece! Good investment!

I wanted to talk about this shelving. It's from Rubbermaid and is very similar to the Elfa Shelving that I use in our closet systems but costs much less. I bought the pantry kit which is similar to this one HERE. The good features are that it hangs similar to the Elfa system in that it has one horizontal rod that is screwed into the stud and then all the vertical rods hang from that - see HERE how it works. The one thing I don't like about it is that the shelf brackets stick up above the wire shelving. It's not a big deal if you can get your baskets or containers to go around it, but if you can't then they can be annoying. 

Underneath the shelving system I have a large deck box {which I've had for 10+ years} which I use to store all the cushion on our outdoor couch when "winter" comes and I keep them stored inside and on top of the box. Next to the shelf and box I have some other shed items hung and some are on the floor like the pressure washer and my little scooting gardening stool.

Now I want to turn your attention over to the potting bench area! The pegboard is just fabulous. I love pegboard and plan to use it some more around my house! It's cheap, paintable, and a great way to get things organized! I hung many of my most used tools on it, a clock, a shelf {with leftover scrap wood that I spray painted}, and a gardening hat!  There's really a lot more room on it, but that's probably all I'll put on it for now!

The potting bench itself is made up of two bathroom cabinets screwed together with a door I stained for a counter top. It works really well to hold my potting soil - which I found this great container that fit perfectly onto the chrome slide out organizer {I was able to use a coupon and save 30% at my hardware store}. 

And last, I also have more potting soil for my succulents in a trash can next to the potting bench, along with a small stool for use in the shed. I have several bamboo sticks I use to hold up tall flowers that I store inside a PVC pipe.  Whew! That's it....that's about all you're going to learn or know about the potting shed. Did you miss any part of it? Did you get some good ideas for paint or organizing? I sure hope so....

Before of potting shed
Picking paint colors
Reveal of the most beautiful potting shed ever
Behind the scenes

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