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Monday, December 5, 2011

I love my friends!

Every Monday I have on my schedule {in the right side bar} that you should expect to have "organizing tips, products I find, or a specific theme for the month." Today I want to tell you about my friends! I have a few friends that are listed under "sponsors" on the right side of my blog. Yes, I have advertising sponsors, but these ones are actually friends of mine. They don't pay me to tell you what I'm going to tell you - and they don't even know I'm doing this. I want them on my blog because what they are doing is important.

I'm not telling you this to sound like I'm a wonderful person, but for you to know that these are all amazing people behind these logos. I wanted to share a little something about each of them and why they mean so much to me. I'd like for you to consider going to their shops and websites because you want to, not out of obligation.

First I want to tell you about my friend Anne

Her husband has been in seminary the last few years - they are literally living on faith. He has not been able to get any steady work - with the economy and just being in school full time. Her shop is called Elle Sophia Design and her shop sells these DARLING girl's sewing kits. They would make GREAT Christmas gifts for the little girls in your life. 

My next friend is Julie

She is the one who designs all my printables and amazing buttons {which you'll be seeing lots more of}! She LOVES to do this stuff and actually just started sending me ideas one day. She has a successful Etsy shop, called Ruby Love, selling baby books. They are darling and totally customizable.

I met Lisa Pennington over a year ago. 

She has quickly become like a big-sister blogger friend. She also has a wonderful Etsy shop, called Shop 24, which I have actually purchased several gifts for friends and family. They have loved all her pretty things, too! Her daughters' have also opened a shop called Little Women.

My friend Cheryl, has another great shop called Studio CatB

She handmakes all kinds of leather bags and purses and wristlets. She has a unique talent and I have enjoyed getting to know her this summer at my Backyard Thursdays.

I have my little blogger sister, Anna. She is a super cleaning and organizing wizard! She has this fantastic blog called "Ask Anna" and she answers all kinds of cleaning and organizing dilemmas. She and I actually met last summer when she was in Los Angeles. It was fun to meet her - she's the ONLY blogger friend I've met in person, too! We have a lot in common, too!

Inexpensive tips for organizing, cleaning, and decorating your home...

I met Rebecca about a month or so ago. She has an Etsy shop that all profits go to help those in need. They are missionaries in Michigan to the Muslim community. She makes these GORGEOUS bags and beautiful things. 

She also has FREE printable prayer cards that she has graciously offered for anyone to go and receive by following the link. They are the same as mine, only they are more beautiful!!

These are all outstanding women who have amazing stories. Please consider giving a handmade gift this Christmas for those you love. They work hard and give you WAY better customer service than anywhere else you could go! 

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