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Friday, December 2, 2011

Curb appeal: getting it organized!

So, a few weeks ago I shared with you that we were getting ready to do a bunch of work to the curb appeal of our house. I've pretty much narrowed down my choices of what colors to paint the house - thank you everyone for your helpful advice - and so I've been noticing that with all this stuff we're doing, there's a messy pile of papers, pamphlets, estimates, and paint chips that I need to deal with!

What should I do? Dun, dudda, da! {Imagine hearing the trumpet sound!}


Organize it, of course! But, I wanted to organize it with something pretty, not something ugly. I had it in an old file folder but just all in a pile. It wasn't doing what I needed.

So, I went and got this pretty accordion file at Target! Oh, it's super cute! My daughter actually picked it out, believe it or not! {She's got GREAT taste for a 7 1/2 year old}.

I used my label maker to make some labels for each section. Now, I have been asked on many occasions what label maker I use. Mine is not fancy! It's a Dymo from Target. I think I got it at least five years ago for about $20. The reason I opted to get it there was that I am there often and wanted to make it easier to get the tape refills whenever I'm low on label tape. 

I have another label maker I got about a year ago at an estate sale - actually my hubby bought it for me and he found it. It came with the label maker and about 8 refill tapes for $15! So wonderful! So, I have two - I let the kids use one whenever they want to organize. 

So, I took all that curb appeal paperwork and organized it by category and filed everything nicely. I keep it near me in the office and I can also take it with me when I go to the home improvement stores or talk with the different contractors and workers about what I want.

It's easy to use it for another project when this one's finished, too! Do you have an accordion file? I have another one I use for my medical bills {which I will show you all some day how I organize also}. Any other great things to use it for?

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