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Monday, September 26, 2011

Thankful for messes..

I'd LIKE to tell you that if you keep a nice house, it will maintain itself. I'd like to tell you that, but it's not true! Sometimes you just have to overlook things.  Let me show you this for an example:

You see, if I were a perfectionist this might drive me absolutely insane.  I believe that I have "perfectionist" tendencies, like wanting everything to look good and have things neat and organized.  But, I lack in the "perfectionistic" trait in the fact that I don't care if something isn't perfect - if you missed a spot, oh well! If it's almost clean, that's fine!

I was looking at this other day.  It made me thankful.  Yes, thankful that I have this mess here.  Why would I be thankful?  Because THIS mess means my husband is home and he's working on a project. 

Sometimes this mess means that he just got home from working all day, and he's tired.

Other times it means he is serving me elsewhere. My hubby likes me to make him "lists" of things that need to be done. He picks and chooses off the list what he thinks are of the most importance and what he can practically get done. 

I want it to look like this all the time:

But, it doesn't when he comes home.  And that's OK.  When I'm home alone, it will look like that. I'm thankful for the mess! What messes are you thankful for?

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